Nature tourism is popular in France

Since 2020, the pandemic-related unrest has changed the tourist habits of the French. They are more likely to choose holidays in France. After a few weeks of booking, they also showed a A marked preference for nature holidays. This trend favors areas that have hitherto been outside the big waves of vacationers.

An area reconsidered by the French

in 2020, 85% of French prefer to travel within the hexagon. While the highly urbanized areas saw a sharp drop in visits during the summer months, the coasts had a typical tourist season. Even mountainous countries saw an increase in attendance of 24%.

During the summer of 2021, Ile-de-France failed to regain its level Pre-pandemic tourism. Thus, it moves from the first tourist area in France to the fifth place. Between 2019 and 2021, it was The number of overnight stays in Paris decreased by 61.5% Barely 2% in Aude and 10% in Dordogne. in Alpes-Haute-Provence, this number increased by 0.5%.

Rediscover nature

Urban areas usually attract a different type of vacationer. suffer fromLack of foreign tourists A modern French taste for nature’s holidays.

This need for nature also leads to a A more pronounced taste of outdoor housing Especially the camping areas. In 2021, sales of new caravans and mobile homes increased by 24% compared to 2020, witnessing the current craze for this type of vacation.

from their side, Hiking trails were never so busy before. Vosges and Massif Central attest to this, having seen a significant increase in their attendance from 2020. Prior to this date, hiking was already ranked as one of the French’s favorite sports, which they regularly practiced on vacation.

It must be said that almost every trail in France has its own group of enthusiasts or its tour bureau that defines and maintains the routes. height opens in Everyone, from the seasoned to the novice, including families looking for a picnic in nature.

Areas for nature lovers

The French landscape, very contrasting, gives way to hiking. Some regions manage to pull out of the game more easily than others, with coasts and countries with medium and high mountains attracting more French visitors each year.

The Dordogne Offer, for example, pleasant outings, without being difficult in sports or technical terms. These tracks allow you to discover Caves, crevices, and majestic waterways. It is also often combined with a file Nature tour of world famous historical sites: Lascaux Caves, Neanderthal sanctuary in Rigordo, Fort de la Roque Jajeque. Since the area pampers its natural visitors, a motorhome tourist will have no trouble finding a quality Dordogne camping site. In 2021, Dordogne is fully involved in acquiring the area Grande Aquitaine ranked first among the most touristic areas in France.

The second place was awarded to the Occitanie regionAnother sign of the importance of nature tourism. Within the Occitanie region, the Languedoc-Roussillon is an excellent example of a region favorable for nature holidays. The region lies between the Mediterranean and the Central Mountains. Thus, mobile home owners will easily find Languedoc-Roussillon seaside camping sites here. Natural wonders in the region: Grotte des Demoiselles, Cirque de Navacelles, Gouffre de Padirac, Abîme de Bramadiau, and others.

Thus, the French had the opportunity to rediscover and restore nature near home or at the other end of France. However, if circumstances favor this discovery, the Several sites and natural wonders covering the country are primarily responsible for this madness.

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