NEOMA Business School, balancing academic excellence with community life

Founded in three campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris, NEOMA Business School cultivates openness, friendliness and agility in every discipline. This well-established philosophy allows students to integrate social life and classes where family spirit and mutual help reign. Interview with Margo Horden, a global BBA graduate highly involved in community life.

What studies are you pursuing at NEOMA Business School?

I just finished my BBA Global Certification in Rouen. I really appreciated these 4 years which allowed us to open up the field of possibilities by developing our agility in project management. We got a lot of skills thanks to the courses, as well as thanks to the compulsory internships every year. In the second year we travel abroad for a year. I chose Zaragoza, Spain. In the third year, you do an internship at a startup company. Then in the fourth year, I chose to repeat my internship in Spain, this time in Madrid. Since our English classes are from the third year, I preferred to master the practice of Spanish in order to master a third language later. For all of these reasons I decided to stay at NEOMA in order to pursue a master’s degree in Business Development and Key Accounts. I will be joining NEOMA Paris on a work study program from October.

What, in your opinion, makes the difference at NEOMA BS?

I noticed a difference once I passed my oral for first year entry. I immediately felt the family and friendly atmosphere of the school. There is no perceptible competition between students. In addition to the tutorial I loved, all of these items were important to me. At first, of course, we don’t know anyone. We all come from different regions. But we meet very quickly thanks to several organized events – at least one a week. There are always things to do. You meet a lot of people on and off campus. We quickly get mixed up with other promotions. So I began, little by little, to get involved in associations.

How is your commitment to the association reflected in the school?

I joined the Student Desk (BDE) in the first year by joining the juvenile department. In particular, we organized After work, Parties, merger day, year-end party. In my second year, the former president called me to suggest that I become the vice president of BDE and be in charge of the events department. Then I became the head of BDE. Despite a rather complicated two years due to the health crisis, I have very good memories. In particular, she was involved in organizing Orals on the NEOMA campus. Our motto during these orations is ‘Join the Family’. This says it all.

Can we say that this union life gives a glimpse into the professional life?

Yes, that’s it! It is really an added value to be part of an association. No matter who you are, you are truly involved in campus life. You should know that the association operates like a business. This allows you to build a network, take on responsibilities and initiatives, and perform various tasks such as managing a budget, creating an event from the ground up, and negotiating prices at an exchange rate. After work, Activate social networks. Everyone works in synergy. The three universities have nearly 90 societies. So there is no shortage of ideas between student life, art and culture, multimedia, business and entrepreneurship, and solidarity.

How is academic excellence and investment in a balanced association?

The balance is very healthy. It combines well with courses. And when everyone is in a partial period, we make sure there are no associative missions. We do not have lessons on Thursday afternoons. This slot allows us to meet to prepare for and schedule upcoming events, to anticipate and distribute everyone’s tasks. Proximity to the staff is essential. We are in regular contact with the school administration. Each event submitted must be validated. We also see them in the context of a budget request to fund such and such a project.

Any event that will remain engraved in your memory?

Integration Day in the first year. It required a lot of work and was very interesting to organize. We were able to plan a whole day, which ended at 4am. We rented an area 45 minutes from Rouen where we organized a lot of activities, group games and an evening. It really allows you to mingle and create cohesion.

A final word that sums up, in your opinion, the familial aspect, mutual assistance and friendliness that prevails in Neuma?

I would say ‘Join the Family’ isn’t just a slogan, it’s really Neuma’s spirit. Being at NEOMA means being part of the same family, because we spend our days together. When we travel abroad, we are always in touch with each other. Before exams, we all help each other out. You have to come to NEOMA to experience it and realize that these are not just words.

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