New data shows social media ads and online reviews are the biggest factors influencing consumer buying decisions globally

The global survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents are influenced by social media advertising, and 88% of respondents say they check online reviews before purchasing a product.

VANCOVER, BC–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a survey by TELUS International, an innovative leader in digital customer experience that designs, manufactures and delivers next-generation solutions for global brands creating the market, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence and content editing, channels enjoy Digital has the greatest impact on consumer purchasing decisions globally.

Social media ads and online rankings have a strong impact on consumers

According to a survey of 4,000 respondents in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany and France, nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents are influenced by social media ads and the majority (71%) of respondents globally have made at least one ad. Purchase as a result of an advertisement on social media within the past 12 months. Among this group, 35% of respondents made one or two purchases, 23% made three to five purchases and 13% made more than five purchases.

When it came to the impact of online reviews, almost all respondents (88%) in the five focus countries said they check online reviews occasionally before purchasing a product, and 41% said they still consult them. Global respondents also indicated that negative reviews influence their purchasing decisions (88%), similar to the results of positive reviews (89%). The survey also revealed the most popular channels. Globally, it’s Google reviews (58%). However, respondents’ second choice depends on their country of residence. This is YouTube (37%) in the US, UK and Germany, while it is Facebook (34%) in Ireland and France.

“Global Consumer Survey data demonstrates that not only do brands need a strong digital presence if they want to attract customers and drive purchases, but they also need a strategy and resources that allow for continuous review. Advertising and content created via advertising and content created via Brian Hannon, Senior Vice President of Services,” said Brian Hannon, Senior Vice President, Services Business and Global Head of Technology Services, TELUS International: “All of their networks, including videos, images and audio.” In today’s era of quick clicks and link-to-link navigation, brands usually only have one chance to make a good first impression on consumers. If you are exposed to fake or inappropriate content on your brand site or if one of your ads is shown near offensive or offensive content, you will likely not see it again. The risks are high at this point.”

Protecting customers from false or inappropriate content is critical

The priority should be to provide a safe customer experience. The increased use of social media and online ratings is increasing user-generated content that is false, inappropriate or offensive. US respondents are more likely to express a negative opinion of a brand if they are exposed to fake, inappropriate or offensive user-generated content (35%). This result was consistent among European participants (average of 29%).

“To deliver an engaging, safe and reliable brand experience, it is essential to have a solid content tuning strategy in place that may include the use of an external partner with industry experience, knowledge of the regulatory context, technology capabilities and skilled supervisors, continued affectionate. Brands that make the right investments will stand out from their competitors and make a lasting impression. It would enhance customer loyalty and generate additional sales.”

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