New Environment – Grocery store “Les bocaux locales” will celebrate its first anniversary in Noiron-sous-Gevrey

Almost a year, however, the grocery store “Local Tractor” had already managed to reach a good cruising speed, even exceeding the expectations of its manager, Estelle Almenza. The first eleven months allowed this trade, which called for short circuits and large quantities, to establish itself comfortably in the local economy of Noiron Seuss Jeffrey. Hundreds of customers. A great success has allowed Estel Elmenza to have many projects for the future of domestic tractors. Maintenance work.

Estelle Almanza at the Grocery Store “Local Jars” in Neuron Seuss Jeffrey
domestic tractor

Grocery store “Local Jars” will celebrate its first anniversary on July 1st. Were you surprised by its success?

Yes, we are still waiting a bit to see how this type of business will be welcomed in a rural area. It was a rather bold bet because consumers aren’t really accustomed to small local stores, wholesale consumption, or short circuits. They turn more easily to supermarkets, as an easy solution, and also due to the lack of a resale network. So I am very surprised to see that it was so well received. You realize that habits change and it is very rewarding when you embark on this adventure.

You offer an alternative to mass consumption, so is that the concept that appeals to you?

I think what most people like today is resorting to short circuits. Grocery Store Local Jars, I serve it as a local grocery store where you can really find a little bit of everything. It’s not very big, but there are food, household cleaning products, cosmetics, salty, sweet, fresh products, vegetables, oils, vinegar, etc. So people primarily turn to this solution because it is close to home and you can find local products. And indeed, after that, they are presented a little with a fait accompli, in the face of the offer which I propose in great quantities, because it is part of my convictions and by the force of circumstances, they finally say why not? I see habits change in general. There are loyal customers who, at first, were not necessarily comfortable with this method and today it is easier and easier.

Interior view of the grocery store
Interior view of “Local Bucock’s” grocery store in Noiron Seuss Jeffrey. The store offers more than 700 references
domestic tractor

How many references do you give today in a grocery store?

We started with about 500 references. And there, I should have just over 700 references a year later. The idea is to adapt to the expectations and needs of customers. So we push the walls and then we find the solutions.

What is the condition of your grocery store?

It is a limited liability company. I still have a month left before completing the first balance sheet, but we will finish this first year with around €150,000 in turnover. So it is far beyond what we expected.

Do you have a lot of projects now?

Yes, that means I am currently restricted because I am alone in the activity. So I will quickly remedy that by welcoming in the summer, or in September at the latest, the young intern. It will also enable the development of other projects, in particular the entire “click and collect” offering with an online store in the process of transition to a 100 million% aggregator, by finding new collection points around the grocery store, partnerships and also develop this type of concept with companies , so make mass deliveries at companies with employees, and then do a little more with tourism. I already work with some restaurants, but that takes time. And then you also need new blood, with a slightly new appearance. So this is good news.

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Change in consumer habits

Many Local Jar customers have turned to this grocery store because it’s a local business. They need a little meat, dairy, and butter and they lack pasta etc, and a little bit of tomato sauce, they go through the grocery store door. But there are also a lot of enthusiasts whose consumption pattern is rooted in their habits and can come from a little further afield. “We are on the Dijon/Seurre axis, so I have a lot of customers who come from the Seurre area, and I have a lot of customers who also come from the coast, from Gevrey and from a little higher on the coast. We understand that people are willing to go a little bit differently to consume differently and accordingly. to their convictions. explain Estelle Almenza.

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