New exhibition at the Franciscans in Deauville: the painter André Hamburg invites visitors to his table


Andre Hamburg He didn’t like the expression surviveplease silent life Close to the English expression survive. You see paintings and drawings hanging on the walls of a museum Franciscansto me Deauville (Calvados), we can only agree with him. Local produce, fruits, fish, landscapes, faces and table scenes: this exhibition whets our appetite and gives us a contemplation of all that life that is expressed only through lines and colours.

Immortal type

With this new course At the table with Andre Hamburg Highlights this timeless artistic genre of survive Which, like portrait or landscape, has never ceased to inspire artists, most often since their youthful years in practice. “Still life is an excellent exercise for them, because still and you can work on the effects of light,” he explains Juliette Gervault, in charge of the permanent collections of the Franciscans. Moreover, she is in 1927, at the age of eighteen Andrei Hamburg made his first still life. During the exhibition, we discovered some of his early works, highlighting apples, pears, oysters and other local produce. “Intimate little portraits” where the painter meticulously works on the effects of light.

Gallery © Emma Brassey

This tradition of still life he knew Peak in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries “It is still being invented to this day.” Thus, the course of the exhibition each time, unlike the paintings of André Hamburg, mirrors other works produced over the centuries. We came across a painting attributed to Jean Simeon Chardinand oils John Gorin A French painter of Argentine descent Sergio de Castrobut also one of the famous tricks paintings of Daniel Spori Which freezes the remaining meals in time or even a German helmet hijacked by the group of artists Attend Panchunette to accommodate still life.

Slaughterhouses Collection, Frac Occitanie Museum, Toulouse
Les Abattoirs collection, Musée-Frac Occitanie Toulouse © Adagp, Paris, 2022, photogr. Courtesy of Rita Neumann and the artist

We also find Andrei Hamburg’s friends like Clement Servo where Francis Hamburger. Two of the latter’s paintings are noticeably displayed, one next to the other, and offer very different visions of the still life. He creates what he calls a still life of reality where the goal is to adhere faithfully to reality, and in parallel with his series entitled hieroglyphsIt goes to the opposite extreme by plotting the same subject. Proof that still life is a subject that never ceases to inspire artists.

Scenes from life, from market to table

The person in charge of the permanent collections insists: “We didn’t want to stop at the still life only.” As if respect for an expression silent life Dear Traveling Painter, The Museum team has sought to shed light on all the scandalous life that surrounds these representations of fruits and other products.

By following the walls, we were almost following the artist’s process, and we were invited to his table, but also to the preparations. To reap the products in his steady life, Andre Hamburg loved to go to Market, “An act of global daily life”. We therefore find paintings and sketches relating to the atmosphere, colors and movements of the markets visited in Honfleur and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, but also abroad, during the travels of this marine painter, as in Seoul, Algiers, Marrakesh or Abidjan. “It is a very central idea also in the work of this painter, because he remains, in spite of everything, a very humanistic painter.”

A humane man who likes to make use of his still life to represent real and integrated scenes natural viewsbut also photo of his relativeslike the work he was particularly fond of, oyster meal. “He was very pleased with the portrait he was able to paint for his wife, the games of the curtains he was able to present, and he brought out the colors of seafood or wild produce.”

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Donate André Hamburg, Deauville, Franciscan
Donation André Hamburg, Deauville, Les Franciscans © ADAGP, Paris, 2022

From life on all floors to the table where the painter invites us to Normandy or Provence, to paint the everyday life that he loves so much. “It is also a central theme in his work of always the same composition: a still life in the foreground, a portrait, almost always of Nicole, his wife and their son Arthur.” Table, leftovers, crockery…Andre Hamburg also looks at the meal and the décor of everyday life.

At the heart of this rich exhibition we discover the diversity of works that hide behind the still life, but also the different sides of Andrei Hamburg, at the same time a painter, illustrator and decorator, dealing in a rather classic way with still life images, while breathing in them the life so highly valued by this humanist. .

From June 4 to January 1, at the André Museum Hamburg, in the Franciscans, in Deauville. Prices: €8 (full), €5 (reduced) or €3 (solidarity).

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