New item “Individual Entrepreneur”

All podiatrists and podiatrists (natural persons) with professional origins*, with the exception of those practicing for a practicing firm, are individual entrepreneurs. From May 15, 2022, in order to exercise their professional activity, they will have to state the name “Individual Entrepreneur” or the initials “EI” in professional documents and correspondence.

decreeR # No. 725 of April 28, 2022 relating to the identification of the professional assets of an individual entrepreneur and indications on documents and correspondence for use Professionals

As part of the entry into force of the law in favor of independent professional activity that creates a new situation of sole proprietorship, the decree of April 28, 2022 defines the elements that are likely to be included in the professional assets of an individual entrepreneur due to interest as well as the details that an individual entrepreneur must attach to the exercise of his professional activity in documents and correspondence For professional use.

“Individual Entrepreneur” or “EI” initials are mentioned in the documents :

This new decree specifies that for the exercise of his professional activity, an individual entrepreneur must use a name that includes his name (or his usual name) immediately preceded or followed by the words “their own account” or initials “EI”.


EI – Dupont Martin

DuPont Martin –

Sole Proprietorship – DuPont Martin

DuPont Martin – Solo Entrepreneur


The name appears on documents and correspondence for the professional use of the person concerned. (non-exhaustive list…)

Documents for professional use Correspondence for professional use Professional bank accounts

Fee notes
Request #%s
certificates, certifications,
Reports, minutes
Professional websites and networks

business cards
Note cards
Professional letters and correspondence
(including paper mail and e-mail)
Installation announcements posted
or modify the exercise

Each bank account is dedicated to professional activity
The individual entrepreneur must have this
doctrine in its title.

It is appropriate for every communication practitioner
his bank in order to check whether they are doing the necessary
Or whether you want to place an order quickly (which seems more likely).

Waiting for you to renew your documents and publications with print service providers
While waiting for service providers to update patient programs,
Refer to this mention of emotional intelligence or individual entrepreneur manually.

The provisions of the decree are effective as of May 15, 2022 For blogging:

Failure to comply with this new obligation will result in a fine of up to 750 euros. In addition, omitting to include this mention means not separating your professional and personal assets. So the risk is that if you have debts, your personal assets may be confiscated by creditors.

It is really a procedure for the protection of personal property in the event of professional bankruptcy .. It is really a procedure for the protection of personal property in the event of professional bankruptcy.

* Definition of professional assets:

Assets related to professional assets include business or crafts and all tangible or intangible assets that constitute it and Right of offer to customers (for liberal activities), Real estate used in business, including the main residence part of the individual entrepreneur used for professional use ; When such premises are owned by a company in which the individual entrepreneur is a shareholder or partner and whose main activity is to make them available to the individual entrepreneur, the shares or units of this company.

When the individual entrepreneur is bound by legal or regulatory accounting obligations, his professional assets are presumed to include at least all the items recorded in the accounting documents, provided that they are regular, truthful and give a faithful picture of the assets, financial position and results of the company. Subject to the same reservation, accounting documents are supposed to determine the remuneration derived from independent professional activity, which is included in the personal assets of an individual entrepreneur.

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