New work in Chartres, Variations on the right, Nogentais in Matignon … discover the stray of the week

Elodie Bellino, an immunologist from Chartres, is one of thirteen finalists for the European Inventor Prize 2022. Together with a Swiss engineer, they have created a medical platform to manufacture therapeutic vaccines against cancer. Organized by the European Patent Office, this award aims to highlight inventors whose innovations provide answers to major current challenges. The French are three of the finalists.

excellent The first independent small shop of Eure-et-Loir was established in Auneau-Bleury-Saint-Symphorien

Union rights?

The towel is still burning between Vincent Lobeto and Elizabeth Miblom, respectively Eric Zemmour’s party candidates, Reconquête!, and the Republicans in the legislative elections in the Châteaudun district. The first sees himself as a “Uniter of the Right” and criticizes the second for being “supported by the Mayor of Chateaudun in County Châteaudon when she was a member of the opposition council and never against it. Where is the consistency?”.

Maxime Thévignon, campaign manager for Elizabeth Miblom, responded that Vincent Lobeto, mayor of Vilambuy, had sponsored Olivier Besancenot in 2007 and Philippe Bouteau in 2012 for the presidential election and that Elizabeth Miblom was “the Union candidate from the right and from the center. . . Voters expect clarity, consistency and an end to opportunism.” in politics “.

Vincent Lobito went on to make a nod: “The beneficial vote on the right is Lobito. I am consistent and not pushy. I have been mayor for 27 years and this is the fourth time I am running for legislative elections. I did not start my political career at the age of 67 (Elizabeth Miblom’s age, Editor’s note) Vincent Lobito presents a debate to Elizabeth Miplum and Virginia de Oliveira, the GOP candidate. I’m more eager to discuss with them. I want them to tell me why they’re rejecting the Rights League and I hope they won’t send me their campaign manager!” Start the call.

logical sequence

Sylvie Honor, a substitute for Ladislas Vergne. Not surprisingly, this elected representative from Boulay Mifoy made common cause with the LR candidate for the legislative elections in the constituency of Chartres. She is also the loyal partner of Jacques Lemar, County Councilor for the Canton of Drew 2. With Ladislas Vergne, she brings back a bit the part we already knew on the occasion of the 2021 provincial elections, with a right-wing family. Which is divided between the camp of Jean-Pierre Georges, mayor of Chartres, and the camp of Olivier Marlex, deputy of L.R. Ledru.

komba back

After two years of closure, the Compa Museum, an agricultural conservatory run by the Eure-et-Loir Provincial Council, will reopen in mid-September, on the Pont de Mainvilliers, in Chartres (archive photo). The museum is closed until further notice due to the health crisis, and the museum was also due to be moved to the site of the former Chateaudon Air Force Base. So this is not appropriate anymore…file image.


Reclaim filter! In the county of Chartres, Cyril Hammerdenker, a former policeman, is not afraid of the spotlight. A former member of the National Assembly, it is customary to testify to a whole host of topics on television sets, such as that of Cyril Hanoun, in the Touche pas à mon post, on C8. A member of the regional opposition council of the Val-de-Loire Center comes to discuss land rights or security. Three months ago, a friend of Cedric Jubilard (editor’s note: his wife Delphine Jubilard is suspected of having disappeared, presumably innocent), came to present his version of this piece of news on C8.

The friend he met “once physically”, in his words, “after meeting him in video games on the Internet. “We often called each other, he helped me in my personal life,” says Cyril Hummerdenker in a video clip from the show. He had no further news from Cedric Jubilard before he was imprisoned in the remand center in Cesis (Haut-Garonne).The same where Cyril Hemerdenker was a prison guard, between January 2011 and December 2012.

Amorino in Chartres

This is news that will delight gourmets and gourmets: the Amorino brand, specializing in Italian ice cream, will open a shop on Place Marceau, in Chartres, in the building occupied a few years ago by Gerard Daryl.Illustrative image.
Created in 2002, Amorino campaigns for ice cream without flavor enhancers, colorants, or artificial flavors. All of its flavors are 100% gluten-free. Their sundaes and cones are vegetarian, too. This will be the third store in the Centre-Val de Loire area after those in Tours and Amboise, in Indre-et-Loire.

A Nogentais in Matignon

In the Pellion family, I have in Nogent-le-Rotrou Sr., Philippe, pharmacist and third vice mayor in charge of Action Cœur de Ville, commerce and tourism. I have in Paris son Antoine who was appointed General Secretary for Environmental Planning last week. This Secretariat established by the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, works directly with her, in Matignon, to develop and coordinate national strategies for climate, energy, biodiversity and circular economy.

In addition, the highly cryptic mining engineer, 38, continues to serve as an advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office as head of the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy, Housing and Agriculture. The positions he has already held with Jean Castix since 2019. Previously, Antoine Bellion was Emmanuel Macron’s environment advisor at the Elysee, between 2017 and 2019, and also worked in the state as a technical advisor. Energy from the Segolene Royal Department of the Environment, between 2014 and 2017.


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