Nœux-lès-Auxi: Nature lovers at ‘Reunion’

Hundreds of people took part in the backpacking festival on Saturday. A date that nature lovers expect between hiking and recreation in an exceptional location.

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Saturday, in Nœux-lès-Auxi, a place” at the reunion ‘” as Mayor Daniel Millen explained.

The reunion for trekking, which was canceled in 2020 due to a health crisis, which took place in 2021 with schoolchildren, and was supervised by nine adults with permission from the governor. ” Back to basics ‘, continues the mayor, because at the base, the relocation of sheep and goats towards the foot of the limestone hill in Reese was an event involving only children. The concept developed into a true celebration of the environment and biodiversity, attracting hundreds of people.

Without Janet but with Idylle

That was the case again on Saturday. One was missing, Jeanette’s mule, the village mascot that had been pulling the cart carrying the children, but it had been replaced by an Idylle mare, owned by a villager. ” She is not used to seeing a lot of people The owner smiled. Because of the world, there were some to join the limestone hill side of Reese. Shortly after 11 o’clock, in front of the Alexandria farm, the audience forms a guard of honor before the goats and sheep come out. ” To honor them but also to frame them ”, explains Daniel Millen. At the crossroads, children block the animals by extending their arms, so that these “workers” do not take the limestone ridges as their heels.

“Orchid Blooming”

Because he will work with goats and sheep, in a site designated as a regional nature reserve, mowing the lawn, eating thistles … Natural maintenance of an exceptional site, where we find especially ” Abundance of orchids “, notes Vincent Santon, director of the Conservatory of Landscapes. In the area, the conservatory operates more than 500 sites, and initiatives such as backpacking, goat and sheep work,” It’s primitive. If we leave the hillside alone, it will turn into a woodland “. place ” It must survive, with its tracks, and biodiversity. It is important to have fun there, it is a place to discover, provide resources and experience Discovery was on the afternoon list, with workshops given by the CPIE, the Conservatory and the Municipal, with an excursion to discover the town, called the Heritage Village.

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