OBIZ – Obiz (C) raises its revenue and gross margin targets for 2022, driven by strong business momentum and first synergies after the acquisition of Adelya (C) – 07/06/2022 – 6:00 p.m.

  • Continuing highly sustainable activity in 2The tenth Quarter 2022following 1Verse Quarter (reminder: +35% in consolidated data)
  • new goal 20 new relationship and affinity programs annually (for 5-7 new programs initially), after the integration of Adelya© Within the scope of the group’s work
  • 2022 sales targets raised to over 45 million euros (for more than 40 million euros initially)gross margin over 13% (for more than 10%)
  • Synergy of Obiz . experience© and Adele© To build Obelya©
    In order to enrich relational marketing solutions in action
    Establishment of Merquis Franchisees Network©

Lyon, June 7, 2022 – 6:00 pm – Ubiz© (The growth of Euronext® – FR0014003711 – ALBIZ)a digital platform for responsible relational marketing and 1time First GoodTech© In the Euronext Growth . market® In Paris, it indicates the continuation of a very dynamic activity at 2The tenth Quarter 2022 and the first synergies after the Adelya acquisition©which led to an increase in its financial targets for 2022.

Signing of new contracts for the Relationship and Affinity Program since the beginning of 2022 (7 new programs concluded in 2022 so far) and the acquisition of Adelya© (The company has been consolidated since 1Verse May 2022), the birth of a French pioneer in relationship marketing and customer loyalty, and opens the way to new growth prospects for the Obiz Group© It gives it a distinctive charm to distinguish it from its competitors.

Obiz© and Adelia© They are currently in the process of creating their joint offer, Obelya©Which, thanks to the shared vision of both parties and the complementarity of their offerings, will aim to create value and improve the efficiency of organizations (key accounts and local players) in their relational strategy at the national and international levels, the purchasing power of their customers and the revitalization of their economic zones.

Thanks to the synergy of expertise between the two companies Obiz© Now intends to sign 20 new relationship and affinity programs For 2022 including Adelya©versus 5 to 7 initially planned.

The first months of 2022 were marked by a Strong revenue growthso much for Abyss© Only for Adela©. in 1Verse Quarter 2022, Obeiz© It generated consolidated revenue of €8.3 million, up +35% compared to 1Verse Quarter 2021. Gross margin increased +4%, representing an average gross margin of 8.3% during the quarter. Adela© Its quarterly sales saw a +16% increase over the same period last year, and its gross margin increased +10% representing an average gross margin of 85.5%. In the formal data, including Adelya© 1 . agoVerse January 2022, turnover 1Verse The quarter amounted to 8.9 million euros.

2The tenth The 2022 quarter is part of a similar trend, and therefore continues on a path of sustainable growth in activity.

Also, Obies© It continues to make progress in various areas of development that are outlined around its platform in the perspective of its 2025 Strategic Plan: increasing the number of affinity programs, international development through organic growth and external growth, developing e-commerce store monetization and preparing to launch specific relationship programs for new customer profiles ( consumers and local partners) and in particular Merciz©.

in this context, Obiz© Raises its financial goals for 2022. The new 2022 goals are as follows:

  • The desired goal is uniform rotation rate It is being worn now More than 45 million euros, for more than 40 million euros were initially targeted. This new goal is achieved Annual business growth of more than 20% Compared to the turnover of €36.9 million realized in 2021;
  • Gross Margin Ratestrongly strengthened thanks to the integration of Adelya©is now referred to more than 13% against over 10% initially, and against 7.3% gross margin rate realized in 2021;
  • Obiz© This is confirmed in terms of its ability to provide a Positive EBITDA throughout the yearincorporating continued technological and commercial investments that began in 2021.

These objectives, in the consolidated statements, take into account the standardization of Adelya© 1 . agoVerse May 2022.

2022 financial notes

  • 2022 half-year revenue 27 July 2022
  • Half year results 2022 October 19, 2022
  • Annual turnover 2022 January 30, 2023
  • 2022 ANNUAL RESULTS April 12, 2023

These dates are given as an indication, and will likely be modified if necessary. Issues will be released after Euronext markets close.

About Obiz©

Created in 2010, Obiz© is a company specialized in developing innovative and responsible relational marketing solutions that enable companies to retain their customers or employees by improving their well-being and increasing their purchasing power.

Thanks to its own digital platform and Obiz team of experts© Designs, publishes and manages relationship and affinity programs and e-commerce platforms on behalf of its clients (large companies, associations and consortia). Today, the group is present in 20 countries and operates more than 100 relationship and affinity programs for 20 million beneficiaries with access to the best promotions negotiated by Obiz.© With its extensive network of 38000 national and local business partners.

In fiscal year 2021, Obiz© It generated revenue of €36.9 million, up 140% year-over-year.

Obiz© Qualified as an Innovator by Bpifrance and awarded an additional financial rating of “Advanced +” by EthiFinance.

Obiz© Listed on the Euronext Growth Market® in Paris (FR0014003711 – ALBIZ).

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