Odense: “Total” Immersion – Odense Business School

Immersive Experience… While many institutions claim this principle, very few who run, such as Audencia, offer students maximum discovery, maximum intensity and truly distinctive courses. In Nantes, whatever they desire – an international course, a commitment course, a standard course, a vocational or dual skills course – Audencians will really have that perspective of “holistic” training in their eyes. Lifelong learning, which will be a challenge for them throughout their studies.

“We want an ideal experience, at every stage of study and especially during international periods, emphasizes Nicolas Arnaud, Director of the Grande École and Audencia Programs. The fact that we have 200 academic partners around the world allows us to limit the number of our students by destination. This guarantees them real independence and all the richness Personal permitting this kind of indulgence.”

international immersion

The Odyssey Global Mobility Trail is emblematic of this promise of international immersion. After the first semester of basic courses, it is already possible for students to leave Study 6 months across Europe, before considering a third semester in the US or China. Back in France, students will still be able to think about international matters through internships. Finally, they will have the opportunity to join one of our Master of Science degrees in English at Audencia in their final year, unless they choose a dual degree in France or – again – internationally. “Odencia is an international school in nature, hence the desire to offer this type of course,” continues Nicholas Arnault. Let’s not forget that we were the first school in France to make the semester abroad compulsory, back in the 1970s, and since then, we’ve only strengthened that dimension. And the proposal last year to integrate one of our Masters of Science degrees entirely in English also goes in that direction. »

immersion and hybridization

In addition to 28 masters and specialized masters® In Accounting and Finance, Business and Society, Marketing and Sales, Management and Sectoral Presentation, Audencia has also doubled new International and Hybrid End of Studies courses over the past 18 months. “Dual courses with partners of very diverse disciplines,” the Grande École Program Director smiles. Thus our students will have the probability of a double change of scenery. Both geographical and disciplinary. And the list of these courses is long… Besides international dual degrees in areas close to management or even finance with the universities of Berkeley (USA), Aston (UK) and Tongjie Shanghai (China) having dual degrees and degrees in much more have also been established. Distant Fields: “Students will therefore be able to pursue training in creativity and audiovisual production with the New York Film Academy (NYFA), training in art and design with the University of California, or even a training course in Italian gastronomy and culture with the Instituto Lorenzo de’ Medici, Florence.”

For students who have resided in France, Audencia will offer prestigious courses in the same manner. Et, entre autres, la possibilité de décrocher, en plus du master grande école, le master en Droit des affaires de l’Institut du droit des affaires, ou encore des doubles diplômes ingénieur-manager avec Centrale Nantes ou’ depuis supérie the wood.

immersion and environmental transformation

Finally, immersion in Audencia also means full and complete immersion into the core of teaching about environmental concerns. Already long known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, the school will open at the beginning of the next academic year a new six-month MSc 1 course dedicated to managing environmental and social transformation. This course will be entirely in English and will focus entirely on this topic of transition, which we take up through all of our courses but which will be dealt with here in a more specific manner. A new program whose design owes much to Gaïa, the school was created in-house to help us transition into this new, more ecological and social era. We are also continuing to study the creation of new partnerships in France or internationally. »

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