Olivier Savignac denounces the deficiencies of the body responsible for reparations to victims of the practice of education in the Church

While the compensation schedule was disclosed by the church’s co-founder of Parler et Revivre, the body responsible for reparing victims of child crime, Olivier Savignac denounces the shortcomings in the training of the people responsible for collecting victims’ voices and requests that the expertise of victims’ associations and groups be reconsidered.

Olivier Savignac’s long struggle against child abuse by church members continues today, six years after the establishment of his first association. As edited our speech. At the time, the association’s goal was to bring together the victims of an Orleans priest, but once the trial was over, a second association, Parler et Revivre, was set up to help as many victims as possible free themselves.

Iner, andThe body that should look after the victims of abuse in the Church has revealed the evaluation criteria for compensation, which can reach up to 60,000 euros for each victim. On this occasion, Olivier Savignac gave an interview to France 3.

Olivier Savignac: I’m sorry that Inirr’s management has been a failure. Most people who give us feedback on their interactions with authority deplore the glaring lack of listening. Some people haven’t had a response in weeks, or even months, or simply haven’t been contacted. In addition to completely tainted confidence, these victims have the impression that they are being taken on tour.

According to the comments, there was no face-to-face meeting, and phone calls were often sent. We feel that today it is raining in the church. I think we’re missing the main reason for this kind of mission, which has to be figuring out how to talk, because most of the victims have been dormant for years. It isFirst to welcome and recognize the word, then to fix it symbolically. Money will not redeem everything. It’s part of the process but only the second part.

  • France 3: Is this due to lack of investment?

OS: I think it’s because of a build issue: they made the fix the cornerstone of their process. Inirr clearly focused on the financial compensation aspect and neglected the reception and speech recognition part. But beyond this problem, there is a glitch in the process. They should be specially trained to welcome the words of child crime victims from members of the Church, but we recognize that references are being thrown into the field without much standards. They were meant to be employees, but in the end they are volunteers, as they struggle to get hired.

It must also be admitted that the media campaign is more than shy. For people who are no longer in church or secluded, it’s hard to know the process.

We will stay on track as long as things are not acceptable. Today they are not.

Olivier Savignac

  • France 3: After the Sauvé Report, the fruit of two and a half years of work done by the Independent Commission on Sexual Assault in the Church (Ciase), and the creation of the Inirr and the CRR, do you feel like a quarrel is coming to an end?

Operating System: Due to the shortcomings we notice, we are not at the end of our problems. We will stay on track as long as things are not acceptable. Today they are not. We realized that media pressure helped make great strides in speech editing and prevent stupid proposals (the total amount proposed in 2019, for example).

But to be honest, commitment is tiring and we, associations and gatherings, are not always taken into account. While the Sauvé committee linked us to their approach, Inirr never turned to us. However, our empirical experience can help them care for victims. Not for lack of a suggestion to share.

  • France 3: Channel revealed its first attack in 2008 in the Diocese of Orleans. Fourteen years later, how do you see freedom of expression?

OS: When I realized that the Diocese of Orléans had protected my attackers, I faced the walls of silence. And for me, it was really thanks to my attorney’s perseverance and insight that we got into a legal battle that lasted 7 and a half years.

Today, the landscape has already changed. The position of the Church is completely different, even if it is not a panacea. She found herself against the wall thanks to the people, groups and associations who had come out of silence and had the strength to move forward. There was #Metoo, and then #Metoochurch which allowed for free speech. Above all, denunciations were issued from the aggressor priests, as were the denunciations of the chiefs who protected them. This is what happened to me when, in 2018, Bishop Andre Forte was charged and convicted for not being found guilty of child sexual exploitation.

Today, my fight is mainly focused on prevention. Developed a show in the form of a movie party, silent child, with musicians playing on stage. On the social issue of sexual violence – in the church, but not only – people need to be informed and trained, and the format of the presentation allows people to understand it with emotion.

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