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If you want to become a slimming trainer and/or a slimming aesthetics specialist and have already chosen the brand with which to set up your business, here are three steps to opening a beauty center for nutritional rebalancing or slimming as a franchise.

Find a suitable niche for your brand

If some rare brand allows you to set up a slimming trainer without a local, in the vast majority of cases you will need shops To work as a franchise.

However, the characteristics of this room will directly depend on the food concession you have chosen:

  • If you have selected a file Nutritional Training Franchise Exclusively, a room from 30 sq m to 60 sq m will be more than enough to give you visibility, welcome your clients and have a closed office for your training interviews.
  • If you have selected a file Brand focused on slimming aestheticsOn the other hand, you will need a larger room in general, from 60 m² to 150 m², where you will have to create separate spaces for designing various slimming treatments and aesthetic cabins.

The location of the building directly depends on the chosen brand but also on catchment area and its characteristics. This is why you always choose the location Consultation with the head of the network subordinate food franchise And based on your local market research.

Build your stock of nutritional supplements and install equipment

Once you have found the building and signed the lease agreement, the next step isroom layout. It is common for brands to have their own installation technicians or, at least, their in-house designers who therefore design the layout of the building. Depending on the brand image.

In addition to the creation of treatment rooms, if you have chosen an aesthetic slimming franchise, you will therefore have to proceed with the actual creation of your slimming center, which is:

  • construction Displays stockpiling of nutritional supplements;
  • Buy or rent Beauty and slimming treatment machines (cryolipolis, massage, etc.);
  • version and install POS ;
  • etc.

If you have chosen a franchise that specializes in aesthetic slimming, your building should also include changing rooms so that your clients can change in complete safety. aggregate.

Privacy is also the most important issue in this type of establishment which is why the layout of the building must be taken care of by a professional. This ensures a perfect organization that respects each client.

Build your client portfolio

In fact, this step and the previous step must be performed simultaneously. It is indeed recommended when one wishes Opening the Nutritional Rebalancing Center or slimming center, Start digging before opening. This is for obvious reasons of profitability.

Especially since to carry out a nutritional and physiological assessment, make a plan to re-balance the nutrition and start pursuing slimming training, it is not necessary to have room.

So remember, if you want to open a cosmetic center for nutritional rebalancing or slimming, to communicate before opening.

And this, in particular on social networks Of course. Accurate targeting, high engagement rate, variety of usable communication formats (stories, photos, surveys, videos, etc.): social networks are Preferred communication channel for diet centers.

It may also be particularly important for research Descriptorsfrom Distinguished Partners To build this client portfolio. Gyms are the favorites in this regard as many people who need to lose weight sign up for gyms as a priority.

Finally, the PQR (Daily Regional Press) It remains an excellent channel of communication for introducing yourself and anticipating the opening of your business.

You now have all the keys Open your own Nutritional Rebalancing Center orslimming aesthetics. If you haven’t chosen a brand to start your adventure with yet, consider checking out our article on the topic: Choosing Your Food Franchise.

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