Opening a professional account in Hong Kong: What is the value of STATree?

With the globalization of the economy, companies need powerful tools in the day-to-day management of their activities. With an innovative payment solution, designed specifically for small and medium businesses, Statrys simplifies the implementation and monitoring of corporate financial transactions.

Statrys: a new bank at the service of companies

Statrys is a fintech company launched in 2018, with ambitions to simplify banking access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Since its inception, its goal has been to ease the process of professional payments, especially for small and medium businesses.For a business to grow, it is essential to be able to send and receive payments with ease. Liquidity and reliability of financial transactions contribute to increasing the efficiency of the company’s management. through its platform statues intends to provide such guarantees.This new bank, headquartered in Hong Kong, helps small and medium-sized businesses obtain a business account quickly and easily. Provides solutions for sending payments to suppliers, partners and service providers. Through the banking tools they offer, businesses can also receive payments from multiple jurisdictions. Finally, with a currency exchange service, the platform offers the most attractive conversion rates on the market.

However, it is not a bank. Statrys user funds are hosted at partner banks. So are its offerings worth moving away from traditional banks?

Opening an account with Statrys: Is the process easy for companies?

The process of opening an account is one of the factors by which one can judge the quality of the offers of a new online bank, especially in Hong Kong. Statrys makes strong arguments in this regard: ease of use, ease of use, and ergonomics. As its site points out, this financial technology wants to make online payments more humane. She wants to support businesses, especially small and medium businesses, so that they can develop quietly.

a STATRISE review, produced by a specialized site, rightly confirms that the speed and simplicity of account opening is one of its main selling points. A professional payments platform can boast of allowing opening an account in just a few days (1-3 business days).

The ease of use associated with Statrys also comes from the customer service that allows immediate assistance in the various stages of operating the platform. From the request to open an account to the complaints, and through the analysis of the opening file, there is always an agent available to provide personalized answers to the user.

What are the main features of STATRISE?

With a professional account, Statrys offers businesses a range of features aimed at making it easy to run all types of businesses. There is no minimum required when opening an account. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of these features.

Transactions in multiple currencies

The Statrys professional account gives access to more than ten currencies, including the US dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the Canadian dollar (CAD), the Chinese yuan (CNY) or the Japanese yen (JPY). Regardless of the location of their clients, any registered company can receive payments in their native currency. Then the user is free to convert the received payment into one or another currency.

Euro bank account with IBAN

For users who interact extensively with Europe, having a local account reduces transaction fees and delays. Statrys provides online business owners with a virtual European bank account. This account is tied to a unique IBAN, which ensures the security and reliability of transfers.

Payment cards

neobank Statrys also provides its users with physical and virtual bank cards. These cards issued by Mastercard in particular allow the withdrawal of funds available on the account online. It is also possible for the company to distribute the cards to its employees, so that they can use them for business expenses. To monitor expenses incurred, monthly account statements are available on the dashboard via the Statrys website or mobile app.

Statistics Link – Ecommerce Platforms

For e-merchants, the platform enables links with marketplaces like Amazon, as well as with e-commerce apps like Shopify. Thanks to these links, all customer payments are sent to the Statrys account, and the management of e-commerce is improved.

Notifications and proof of payment

Statrys offers the ability for small and medium businesses to automatically notify their suppliers upon payment. The platform supports sending and receiving payments to and from more than 100 countries around the world. Regardless of the origin or destination of the transaction, proof of payment is sent free of charge.


In the wave of new banks that have boomed in recent years, Statress is positioning itself in the small and medium-sized online business segment. The tool provides them with easy and fast payment solutions, to spare them the frustrations experienced by online entrepreneurs. Statrys is registered as a financial services operator in Hong Kong and as a payment institution in the United Kingdom. Its offers for professionals are completely legal and reliable.

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