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In the context of rising fuel prices, alternatives to private cars are at the forefront more than ever.

A leader in France and Europe, Padam Mobility stands out for its dynamic on-demand public transport solutions (TàD and TPMR) for semi-urban and rural areas. As a trusted partner of public authorities, the company continues to expand its sphere of influence across the continent in Germany, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Transport on Demand (TàD): a shared, sustainable and economical mode of transport suitable for all parts of Europe

Although Padam Mobility has already managed to export its know-how and technology outside France on several occasions, the company continues to internationalize it in the European market to meet the growing demand. With dozens of services spread in Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom and also in Spain and Germany, the company has intensified its activity in these last two countries.

The TàD Hüpper service in Hürth, in the Rhine-Erft region of Germany, has been designed in partnership with software publisher Hacon (also a subsidiary of the Siemens Mobility group) to serve the peri-urban areas of this city of 60,000 people, previously poorly serviced by public transport network. Its fleet of vehicles is 100% hybrid and suitable for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Two TàD services were launched under the name TADex in the rural areas of Bajadoz (operator: Damas Extremadura), and Cáceres (operator: Solís Autocares) in Extremadura, Spain. In the one-year trial, they come to provide an essential transport solution for those regions far from the centers of activity. In addition to these services, there is a new deployment in Switzerland, with “SALÜ” (operator: BUS Ostschweiz AG) in the town of Wil, again in partnership with Hacon. This is the fifth on-demand transport project to be implemented in the DACH (Germany – Austria – German-speaking Switzerland) region by Padam Mobility.
“SALÜ greatly improves the attractiveness of public transportation in Wil. Our service combines convenience and sustainability – the app calculates which passengers can board when and where, and identifies the fastest connections. Padam Mobility has finally entered the Nordic market for the first time with the launch of Karlstadsbuss Nära, the first TàD developed in collaboration with Keolis Sweden and the city of Karlstad. An initially pilot scheme for one year, the performance of which has proven so critical that the service is in the process of expanding into new territories before becoming permanent.
Acceleration is made possible by real knowledge of the field and local operational constraints

Padam Mobility’s overseas TàD and TPMR service deployments owe a great deal of special attention to company teams’ compliance with local policies and the specificities of each territory. “ The expertise developed on French soil is of great help in convincing people of the importance of our vision beyond our borders. It also allows us to better understand problems and develop solutions that know how to adapt to local characteristics. » Grégoire Bonnat, CEO of Padam Mobility The European publication of Padam Mobility is supported by its presence at several reference events across the continent in the coming months: Germany

IT-Trans, from 10 to 12 May 2022 in Karlsruhe

Hacon Mobility Summit, May 31 to June 1, 2022 in Hamburg

Deutscher Nahverkehrstag, June 13-15, 2022 in Koblenz

VDV Jahrestagung, 20-22 June 2022 in Frankfurt


Transport Forum, 16-17 June 2022 in Linköping


European Mobility Exhibition 2022, June 6, 2022 in Paris

United kingdom

Intelligent Transport Conference, 10 May 2022 in Leeds

Move London, 15 June 2022 in London

TCF by Smartex, 23 June 2022 in London

Quality Bus, 12-13 July 2022 in Coventry

About Badam Mobility, Siemens Mobile

Since 2014, Padam Mobility has been developing dynamic, on-demand digital public transport solutions (TàD and TPMR), transforming peri-urban and rural areas and bringing communities together. To do this, the company offers a software suite of smart and flexible solutions that improve the impact of mobility policies, for all audiences, where demand is minimal and access for users, operators and communities. This software suite is based on powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence. In 2021, Padam Mobility joins the Siemens group and complements its portfolio of digital mobility and mobility solutions.

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