Why and how to write a business plan

Why and how to write a business plan

When it comes to building their business, some people reject the idea of ​​writing a business plan. They rush at this point and make a big splash by throwing their heads into the wall. While in real life, an informed investor knows that he can never put his money into a business if he does … Read more

The best of in-store e-commerce, and vice versa!

The best of in-store e-commerce, and vice versa!

“Customer Focus”: is now a reality in sales performance service Customer behavior has changed over the past two years. For 80% of retailers surveyed, more than half of their customers have changed their buying behavior in a sustainable way. The concept of “client centricity”, which has not been tangible in practice for a long time … Read more

Epic automatic distribution. Group in Distribution Service – L’argus PRO

Epic automatic distribution.  Group in Distribution Service – L’argus PRO

“Automatic distribution is above all a human adventure born of men and women’s vision of the independent repair and distribution market in France.” Here are the first words that Laurent Desrouffet, General Manager of Network and Light Vehicle Repair Activities, said during a press day organized in Saint-Brieuc, to announce, among other things, the results … Read more

Everything you need to know about the two off-the-ground businesses in Saint-Doulchard

The Aurore, which opened nearly 40 years ago on the edge of RD2076, north of Saint-Doulchard, with its three-star midnight blue sign, marks the days before it’s demolished. Closed two weeks ago by Christian Marson, a president who “preferred retirement over investing in big business,” the institution is doomed to collapse due to mechanical scoops … Read more

Colors of money in the National Bank

After the first joint exhibition BNB-Deutsche Bank in 2019, Banco de España and the National Bank of Belgium through “Shared Values ​​(Not)”, a body of work from both groups, delved into the color of money. BNB celebrates 50And Anniversary of her contemporary art collectionstarted in 1972 with Alechinsky and the geometric abstraction of the great … Read more

Cheuvreux Bordeaux – The disappearance of the individual entrepreneur with limited liability: a real revolution? – PATRIMOINE24 – All news about wealth management

Awaiting practitioners, February 14, 2022 Law No. 2022-172 comes to sound the death knell for the limited liability sole proprietorship that was recently put in place by the June 15, 2010 law. Until then, a sole proprietorship carrying out an economic activity had the choice between the simple mode of sole proprietorship and the more … Read more

Global Print Media Market 2022, Growth, Trend Analysis, Leading Company, Key Segment, Revenue, Production, Forecast and Forecast to 2030

Have you ever wished to predict the future of the global print media market? – And be right? What if you could clearly see the critical shifts in the coming years, and use those insights to shape the future of the print media market, rather than letting it run by default? You can accurately predict … Read more

Like receipt, accounts for Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s tell what Americans bought in the first quarter, markets news

Temples of mass consumption, such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s in the United States, have since the health crisis become high places for psychoanalysis. “Over the past two years, we have done our best to understand customer behavior” Which, in the macroeconomic environment that has become ” out of control “decided to restore … Read more