Paris and the region: a 200 million euro social shield to fight inflation

Increase support for charities, create an emergency aid fund for students, promote aid for the purchase of clean cars, better housing, training and business assistance.. The Ile-de-France 6 region has adopted a series of key measures covering multiple areas to restore purchasing power to the residents of Ile-de-France.

After the health crisis that exposed and exacerbated social and regional divisions, inflation returned to levels not reached in decades, severely affecting the purchasing power of Ile-de-France residents. A situation reinforced by the war in Ukraine. In the face of such a sharp rise in prices, the Territory wishes to intensify its commitment to the benefit of the most vulnerable people. Within the framework of the continuation of the “Solidarity Zone” program, through which it places all its areas of competence at the service of solidarity, and the policies already in place, adopted during the plenary session of the Regional Council on May 19, 2022, 6 main series of measures amounting to 200 million to combat inflation. A group called the “Social Shield” includes about thirty measures.

Helping the most vulnerable residents of Ile-de-France

► Enhance support for key partners in the region to help them deal with the urgency of the social crisis. Malta and the Civil Protection will receive an additional envelope of €500,000 to respond to emergencies faced by families, particularly single-parent families, as well as Ile-de-France residents who live in working-class neighborhoods and rural areas.

Strengthening regional food aid actions, especially for students

► Vacation aid for the poor multiplied by 2 The social consequences of the health crisis have affected the living conditions of families who are already experiencing difficulties. The region also decided to double its annual assistance to leavers during the holidays. It will award an exceptional amount of approximately 800,000 euros to enable 11,000 young people, families and elderly people in precarious situations to go on vacation.

► 50% increase in the ceiling for regional subsidies to create similar social and accommodation programs

► Maintenance of the three solidarity houses. Opened two years ago, these three houses are capable of accommodating 250 homeless people from the metro and women in difficulty, and will become permanent due to the social emergency.

Opening the psychological listening platform for high school students

Supporting the purchasing power of Ile-de-France residents

► No increase in prices for school supplies for secondary schools At the beginning of the new school year from the summer of 2021, the region lowered the price of the first tranche of its price list to 0.50 euros per meal in public secondary schools, that is, on an average day saving 80 euros per year for the most families Modestly, and by fixing the prices of all other categories. In light of the acceleration of inflation in France, the prices of school canteens will be replenished with an increase of zero euros in 2022-2023, so that families do not bear the cost of food. To benefit from the school catering service according to your resources in public and private secondary schools.

► Support to buy reinforced clean cars

New aids for the conversion of thermoplastic compounds into bioethanol. This assistance, which relates only to petrol cars, is a lump sum of 500 euros for the supply and installation of the identical transfer box.

Support more young people

Creation of an emergency aid fund of 1 million euros for students

► Abolition of advance driver’s license fee for assimilated youth and for those looking for work in the priority neighborhoods of urban policy and rural areas.

Opening the door to homework help and supervised study in secondary schools to teachers and active associations

Multiplying by 2 the number of “summer campus” in high schools

A new system for the integration of young people through housing

Help away from work

► Double the number of trained RSA beneficiaries thanks to the district in cooperation with the departments in order to target beneficiaries, the training funded by the district is a peer, in order to allow reintegration into the professional world, find activity and more income. The goal is to train 40,000 RSA beneficiaries mainly in the sectors that do recruitment.

► 50% increase in premiums for training in occupations in shortage in some regions. The region will raise the premium for training in deficient occupations to 1,500 euros, that is, 1,000 euros today, for residents of priority areas of the city (QPV), regions, areas of economic recovery (ZRE) and rural land.

► Doubling of training places for persons with disabilities after training funded by the province

Strengthening corporate solidarity commitment

► Increase TP’up and PM’up Relance aids for companies involved in the professional integration process

► Create a business community committed to nurturing anti-fragility

Launching a call for Innov’up pilot projects on the themes of disability and aging

Promote access to culture, sports and entertainment

► Double the entertainment tickets for young people and families who do not go on vacation This year, the region will provide an additional 150,000 days for young people and families in Ile-de-France who do not go on vacation, so that they can take advantage of activities, accommodation and recreational islands.

The commitment of cultural actors helped them act in the direction of vulnerable audiences

► 50% increase in region-funded artist residencies

► Multiplying cultural works for vulnerable audiences

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