Paris Saint-Germain: the choice, the money, the riyal, the future… Phrases to remember from the intervention of Mbappe and Al-Khalafi

Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe was at a press conference on Monday to formalize his extension until June 2025. The two men together with his boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi sent several messages.

Kylian Mbappe justified his extension.

So Kylian Mbappe chose to continue his adventure with Paris Saint-Germain. At the end of a very long series, the striker finally ignores Real Madrid and extends with the French champions until June 2025.

This Monday, the France international, who is particularly comfortable in training, was present at a press conference explaining the decision. For his part, President Nasser Al-Khalafi spoke in strong terms. Maxifoot offers you a set of phrases to remember.

Mbappe justifies his choice

Everyone knows it, I wanted to leave last year and was convinced it was the best possible decision at the time. Now, the years follow each other but are not the same. Today, there was a different context, sporting but also private, also regarding my position as a free player. As a French, and my importance in the country, the country in which I will live and grow after my career, leaving my country like this, there is this emotional side. Then the project changed! The club wants to change a lot of things on a sporting level, so it really gave me that desire to keep going. My story is not over on a group level but also on an individual level, I have beautiful chapters to write here.

full powers? focus of the French

If I could interfere (in a question to her boss, editor’s note), even if the question wasn’t mine, I’d still be a soccer player. I am rooted in a group, no matter if there are laws, I am still a footballer and I will not go beyond this job. Of course, if we have to talk about football, I’d love to do it, but I wouldn’t go beyond my role as a footballer.

To answer the Captain, I believe there is indeed a captain, Marquinhos. He is an important player in addition to our project. I don’t want to cut his head off like that. He’s a VIP in the locker room, he deserves his arm badge, and he’s been waiting for her. It is not a priority. I don’t need to be a leader to give my point and set an example on the pitch.

His messages to the president of Real Madrid and Real Madrid

I made my decision last week. Before announcing this, I made the decision to contact President Florentino Perez, because I have great respect for him and his club. They did everything right for me, tried to please me as much as possible and facilitate my arrival. Thank him for. As a gentleman, I feel it is my duty to speak to him personally. Our relationship was very close, so it was the best thing to do.

I want to thank them, I’ve never worn a Real Madrid shirt, well if it’s been 14 for a week. But they always accepted me as one of them and you should be grateful for that. I understand the disappointment, but I hope they will understand that I chose to stay in my country. As a Frenchman, I want to continue, a little longer, trying to lead France to the heights and win the championship and then this club as well.

The end of his real dream?

In football, there is a truth: I have learned to look straight ahead, not too far. A year ago, I didn’t even think I was here in front of you. Today, as I sign this new contract, I’ve made a personal decision, not looking to the future. I want to fully invest myself in this new venture, this new one. The future, I don’t know.

Image rights, lock up cash

The funny thing is, prior to this march in March, no one had made an article, not even a short one, about image rights. Il a fallu qu’il se passe ce truc pour qu’il y ait des : ‘il ne veut pas faire a, il ne veut pas faire ci, il a dit a, il ne veut pas a, les droits l’image bloquent in April’. To be honest, we talked about months of sports, hours of photo and minutes of money. 5 minutes, very fast, no problems.

There was a slight misunderstanding in the selection that we will resolve very quickly, because there is competition coming and we will not create problems for nothing, we have a country to help us win. But then football changed. There’s a new wave coming and it’s just checking our name and what it’s associated with. I don’t ask for much, I have a career and I want to run it as I see it fit in with the values ​​I want to uphold. I don’t want to revolutionize football, I already have a lot of concerns about managing my career. The chief spoke (Noel Le Grat, editor’s note), yes I heard (laughs). But we will solve this problem quickly, intelligently and respectfully.

Controversial and the best player in the world

Kylian stayed at PSG for the next three seasons, which is very important for us, the First Division and France. This selection is a very strong sign that we retain the best player in the world. He stays here because Paris puts him in a position to achieve his sporting goals: to win, to win, to win.

The Qatari responds with confusion

Our boss in Ligue 1 is Vincent Labrune, it’s not the name (Tebas, editor’s note) you just said. He might be afraid that Ligue 1 will be better than La Liga, and maybe that’s a good thing for us as a club. As you know, La Liga has not been the same for 3 or 4 years. We respect all the clubs, all the leagues, but we also have to respect ourselves. We focus on our team, our league, the best player in the world, that’s the most important thing for me. After that, people talking, I don’t listen to everything, we focus on our project.

Numbers, NAK stings Madrid

Numbers ? Start. We haven’t released the numbers. Never, not for Kylian nor for others. Start. But, I will say one thing, it was not the most important. The most important thing for Kylian was the sports project, he wants to win that all. Money, the club in Spain could have paid more than us. It was an athletic choice.

Transfer window, the president of Paris Saint-Germain committed

fields? This press conference is for Kylian, he deserves it. I promised, if we sign with Kylian, we will also sign new players. Because he’s worth, what he just did is very powerful, even stronger than he was 5 years ago (arriving, editor’s note). We will not regret it and we will win many titles together because we have the same goal.

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