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The development of new forms of work, spurred by the turmoil of the health and economic crisis, has underlined the need for a position capable of supporting this transformation. By combining autonomy and security, pay carrying provides a balance between independent work and that of an employee who is increasingly valued.

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Very useful mode

In its most recent report, Orsaf counted nearly 4 million self-employed workers, the majority registered under the AE (Self-Employed) scheme. An option adopted for reasons of simplicity and freedom, but its benefit remains very limited. More complex and costly, the EI or EIRL (sole proprietorship, limited liability or not), EURL (single member limited liability company) and SASU (single member simplified joint stock company) participating in this same autonomous system are favorable and destined to disappear .

A simple salary transfer simulation helps you gauge the benefits you can get, on the other hand, from a mobile employee status. Cegelem is offered for free, it allows you to estimate the net salary you can claim on the spot by assuming an ADR (minimum daily rate) of 300€. For a very attractive 4% management fee (half the rates charged by the profession), you benefit from full Social Security coverage (Social Security, unemployment and retirement rights) while maintaining your professional independence.

Particularly suitable solution

By choosing a supported employee mode, now recognized and highly regulated, you retain the freedom to organize the projects and portfolio of your clients. All you have to do is inform them at the beginning of the task and dedicate yourself to it so that the umbrella company will bill the client and reimburse you after taking their commission. This three-party contract insures you against non-payment and frees you from all administrative, accounting and tax duties. Thus you can develop your area of ​​expertise and increase the benefits associated with it.

Many employees have turned the initial constraints of telecommuting and hybrid work (face-to-face and telecommuting) into opportunities to prepare for independent work. The end of the RSI (Social Scheme for the Self-Employed), the exemptions from the CFE (Corporate Real Estate Contribution) and the Business Plan for the Self-Employed remain too restrictive to constitute satisfactory solutions. On the contrary, all indications agree that wage carry, an otherwise hybrid situation, tends to assert itself in the long run.

growing trend

Born at the end of the eighties, the wage load has experienced a recovery in recent years marked by significant and regular growth (more than 20% annually). In 2022, there are more than 300 independent companies, organized into groups or attached to them. These are also hybrid forms, including a few leaders who have won the trust of freelancers and their clients. From now on, becoming a subsidized employee constitutes a semi-refuge situation with regard to the economic situation that accompanies ever more extensive services.

Evolving to move closer to digital-related professions, from developer to community manager, wage transfer is perhaps the mode most in line with new forms of current and future work. In addition to the benefits offered to local entrepreneurs, it is particularly suitable for expatriate employees and digital nomads. By proposing a legal framework for these increasingly fashionable practices, it in particular allows for the full payment and remittance of salaries and alienation bonus (IE) that are sometimes denied abroad.

Founded in 2018 by and for the self-employed, Cegelem has built a larger and more dynamic community around it. It provides its members with all the benefits of groups while advocating a humane approach. With several physical agencies spread across France and an international presence, the carrier is put on the network while offering co-working and meeting spaces for its employees. Services and support that transform and sustainably improve customer relationships.

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