Perfect window for zero euro conversion?

A little less than a month after the end of the 2021/22 season and a week before the transfer market opens, Amiens SC will have to reconfigure a significant portion of its workforce to compensate for players leaving at the end of the contract. And what if Picard club would equalize the free players? A sample of the available and interesting items.

A second goalkeeper or a potential holder?

In the guard post, so Regis Gurtner Thinking about his future, Johan Thuram’s departure is recorded. The market for free players candidates for a position within Amiens SC (as holder or for the position of second goalkeeper) is not lacking.

Quentin Pratt, Neuort (26 games, 10 clean sheets, 27 goals conceded)

A young 24-year-old goalkeeper, who could have completely taken over from Regis Gurtner if the latter decided to leave the ship. The author of a good season with a chamois, he notably achieved 10 clean sheets. The FC Nantes trainee will necessarily seek to confirm the good arrangements seen in recent years.

Others: Zachary Boucher (Bastia), Baptiste Vallet (Nancy), Stefan Bajic (Bau).

About keeping defense at 5?

Pending Matttheo Xantippe’s decision, and with several observers following Owen Gene, the wings could be revealed this summer. As for the defense hub, it is already certain that at least one carrier will be moved. So, these are the players that Amiens will be interested in betting on.

Gaetan Bakoys, Nims (30 games, 1 assist)

An early season alternative, he gradually took a place at the start with Crocos with interesting shows from mid-October. In addition, he is a player in the locker room to lean on (captain three times).

Others: Carlins Archos (Auxerre).

Salio Keyes, Nancy (24 matches, 1 goal, 1 pass)

The last African champion with Senegal was already mentioned in the past in Amiens. The former in VAFC appears to be an experience profile which, when meeting is more challenging, would allow for more serenity. Furthermore, since his club had been demoted, there was no doubt that he would be looking for a new challenge.

Others: Ali Obaid (VAFC).

Philippe Lecour / FEP / Icon Sport

Anthony Briancon, Nimes (4 matches, 1 goal)

After a year and a half of struggle, Anthony recently found the pitch (and meanwhile, the way to the net). A man of duty, Captain Nîmes Olympique, won’t be easy to dismiss but may be tempted by a new venture in order to leave behind bad memories from recent seasons.

Pablo Martinez Names (30 matches)

He too, after a rich experience in Strasbourg, and then in Nîmes, could give all his experience to the supervision of the young defenders of Amiens. A skilled head player and anticipation, he has very useful qualities in Ligue 2 BKT.

Others: Prince Onyang (Caen), Bruno Equile Manga (Dijon).

Midfielder to rebuild.

While many departures are expected in this gaming segment, the place can be left to younger players. However, in order to support them, it seems necessary to involve more experienced players.

Victor Lobre, PAU (37 games, 5 goals, 3 assists)

Axonais comes from two notable seasons in Ligue 2 in Pau. At the end of the contract, he would like to discover Ligue 1 even if he had already declared “he had no intention of sitting on the bench” at his next club. Like Jesse Bennett, the step into the elite may be too big for him. In the meantime, his profile picture as an offensive torchbearer could be valuable to Picardie.

Others: Haji Ba (Gangan).

Anthony Belmonte, Grenoble (17 games, 1 goal).

Standing at the end of the season under Philip Henchberger, with the club very close to climbing, Anthony continued his rise early in the season. Gradually, he lost the confidence of his coach and at the same time, at the same time, his main position. A player the coach of Amiens knows well.

Others: Warren Bundo (Nancy)

Farhat Nim
Alexandre Demo / FEP / Icon Sport

Zinedine Farhat Nimes (14 matches)

It is the profile that is able to change the meeting. However, he has played very little this season, especially since his false true start during the winter transfer window. It is still of interest to many UberEats clubs in Ligue 1 (Saint-Etienne and Montpellier) but whoever doesn’t try anything wins.

Others: Harrison Manzala (Bastia), Yeni Ngbakuto (Nancy).

Yuan Court, Ken (18 games, 2 goals, 6 assists)

Despite the low number of matches (a season full of injuries), Yuan still provided 6 assists, especially during the second half of the season, coinciding with Kane regaining his fitness.

Others: Mounir Scheuer and Dijon.

Trade on crime?

As we know, Amiens has already exercised the option to purchase Aliou Badji. However, as the club used to do, it would not be against a big sale (with capital gains). And if Tolo remains, he will need players to surround him or replace him.

Ibrahim Sissoko, Neuort (24 matches, 10 goals, 1 pass)

With his final profile reminiscent of Aliu Baggy, Ibrahim also has a game in depth that beats the latter. So he can completely replace Amiens in case of departure. Furthermore, through his movement, he would be the perfect counterpart to Tulu.

Driss Saadi, Bastia (22 games, 4 goals, 2 assists)

A less decisive player, however who will be useful in the group, he is able to win and carry the ball a little more and in addition, he can bring his experience to the Amiens attack which is sometimes sorely lacking (hence, a little more “vice”).

Others: Duckens Nazon (QRM)

If it is clear that Amiens SC will not recruit 11 players, it is necessary to look for players in this transfer window (and very quickly) with experience in the games of Ligue 2. And in order to achieve the minimum investment to make an important show on the field, these players have all Deal. It now remains to be patient and trust the leaders to make a team capable of mingling for as long as possible with a place at the top of the table. In any case, the first move was related to the player at the end of the decade, Antoine Loti. What do we give the direction of the transfer period 2022/2023?

Kevin Conrad (with editor)

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