Post-Covid period: an opportunity to rethink your career direction?

Better understanding and building one’s career is now a requirement but it is also a state of mind. The large number of webinars and expert presentations on the topic of retraining and the meaning of work made people discover that vocational retraining is possible and available to all.

People’s career paths in companies sometimes don’t seem like a long, calm river. Under the influence of the massive rise in unemployment and changes that have altered corporate organization, particularly with regard to technology, often push individuals to change course, and sometimes profession. With the arrival of the health crisis hitting employment hard in specific sectors, where retraining was not a cultural practice, we have seen a wave of requests for retraining, sometimes forced. Affected individuals find themselves faced with a reality dictated by the health and economic context where there are no longer any jobs in their field of expertise. “Finding your own path is still a difficult and challenging exercise. Sometimes you have to wait until the end of a career to realize it wasn’t the right thing to do.Professional trainer confirms Maryam Filali. Better understanding and building one’s career is now a requirement but it is also a state of mind. However, it is always possible to be accompanied to find your way.

However, if we know well in general the certifications, professional backgrounds and skills of people, we generally do not know well their motivation profile. Today, there are tools that allow professionals to support people in the development of professional projects that take into account their main interests and motivations.

For many personal development and career support professionals, a culture of independence and trust must be built just right if support practices are to be successful, regardless of the paths chosen (training, assessment center, identification of professional interests, knowledge of sources of motivation, etc.).

This stage is often characterized by a fear of heights, extreme stress and pressure from the social environment. In these moments, emotional discomfort increases doubts and uncertainty about the future and prevents the thought of looking for a future professional. Added to this feeling the lack of means that increase the sense of loss.The coach continues.

Mentoring can become a choice, a career management project and not a death

Will there be a click to it? Vocational guidance or retraining is often triggered with a single click. The latter is related to the loss of meaning in 3 dimensions:
Loss of direction and vision at work, loss of resonance and positive self-resonance, and loss of pleasure at work.

Today, people’s distance from their professional environment has triggered this trigger. It leads the individual to introspection, to the process of identity reversal and deep questioning of oneself, about their past career choices and also about their professional future. It is an obligatory clause accompanied by an opening of mind to the possibilities of retraining, this time voluntary. A new cultural procession in Morocco.

This open-mindedness, supported by a large number of webinars and expert interventions on the topic of retraining and the meaning of work, made people discover that vocational retraining is possible and available to all. With the support of a professional coach specializing in the topic of professional development and career path management, this desire becomes a structured and achievable professional and personal project.

by Mariam Filali Employees and companies, each within their scope of work, have gained with this change of resilience in the face of the complexities of the economic, social and cultural environment. Professional retraining is part of agility, within the organization or as an individual project, because it invites us into a professional world prepared to retrain and transform individuals and organizations at all times.. Henceforth, we are witnessing a mental, cultural, individual and collective openness towards another way of approaching professional orientation, becoming a choice and project of professional management rather than a death.

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