Preserving Lyon’s Legacy: Lyon’s Reward

Lyon honors its heritage and the initiatives of its residents thanks to the “Prix Citoyens du Patrimoine ‘Annie et Régis Neyret'” among the many projects promoting Lyon’s culture and history.

Highlighting Lyon’s heritage with the Citizens’ Heritage Award “Annie and Regis Nirit” has several goals. The first is to enhance Lyon’s heritage through rehabilitation projects or original lighting. The second is the promotion of Lyonna and their association with their city.

This award aims to express the recognition of the city of Lyon towards the citizens who work for it Heritage protection and promotion.

As Stefan Berne rightly said in our columns, “The Heritage should remain a national issue and everyone’s affair.”

Between November 2021 and January 2022, the city of Lyon approaches fans and defenders of Lyon culture. their mission? Imagine an original project serving the preservation and promotion of Lyon’s heritage (equivalent to one or more actions carried out by an association, county council, institution, company or even an individual and distinguishing an individual or collective initiative, whatever its form: restoration work, knowledge enhancement, heritage knowledge dissemination about treasures History of Lyon).

In total, 16 projects It was collected and decided upon by a committee, including the vice mayor of Lyon, delegate for environmental transformation and heritage, Sylvain Godenot. Or the urban heritage reference for the Urban Development Department of Lyon, Philippe Lamy.

After the first “Rendez-vous du patrimoine” in May, the jury awarded several prizes to a variety of projects. The “Annie and Régis Neyret” Citizen’s Heritage Award was awarded to the association “Rails et Histoire” for their work to return Signal Box 1 to service at Lyon Perrache Station.

This year, the prize was awarded in an envelope between €5,000 and €10,000.

Regis Neyret, 40th “Grande Gueule” of Lyon Capitale (No. 422, March 2003)

Why the name “Annie and Regis Nirit” for the Citizen’s Legacy Award?

She was a committed woman close to the Association of Renaissance Lyon (RVL) and loved to share her knowledge and lead tourist visits. He was a journalist and director of the magazine “Résonance lyonnaise” and an opponent of the modernist politics of Louis Pradel. Together they have been the icon and visionary couple to preserve Lyon’s heritage, working for decades and with limitless energy in the service of the Renaissance Society du Vieux Lyon (RVL). In particular, they helped the association inscribe the Vieux Lyon neighborhood on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998.

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Several “favorites” were awarded to three other candidates. The first, “Bonjour Lyon!” , is a compilation of original nursery rhymes, by Editions du Sabit Rouges, for children to discover the city’s heritage.

The project “Tales of vi(ll)es and City Polyphonies in the Last Baths of Lyon” proposed by the LALCA Association has also been rewarded. It offers a sensory, artistic and social experience in a former bathroom. The last project, “Renovation of the street facade of the residential complex at 2 Montée du Gourguillon”, proposed by the union of the co-owners of 2 Montée du Gourguillon, aims to restore the luster of this 16th-century facade.

All projects will be visible again during Heritage Days on 17 and 18 September 2022. After being judged by a jury of experts, the 16 projects will therefore be submitted to the opinion of the residents of Lyon.


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