Prestige and money at Wimbledon

(Paris) Players won’t earn points in the ATP and WTA rankings there, but they’ll still come here looking for prestige and money: Naomi Osaka is the only big name to say no to Wimbledon in June.

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Clement Faranges
France media agency

A WTA like the ATP, which runs the women’s and men’s circuits, will not hand out points during the London Grand Prix: an action in retaliation for the All England Club’s decision to exclude Russians and Belarusians over the invasion of Ukraine, a decision which, according to the two organizations, constitutes a breach of justice between the players .

As is often the case, Osaka, without speaking out loud, made a noise. “I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’m more inclined towards not playing,” the Japanese released on Monday, who in any case didn’t have big ambitions in the London park as she didn’t make it to the knockout stages.

Has it become the All England Club Championship? Pointless To understand in French at the same time useless and pointless – as advanced, ‘without bad words’, Osaka, whose morale had already marked its mismatch when, before the 2021 edition of Roland-Garros, decided to skip press conferences for his own safety?

Wimbledon, Djokovic’s childhood “dream”

The public opinion of the players participating in Roland-Garros, who was tirelessly questioned at a press conference about the dispute between the organizers of the London Grand Prix on the one hand, and on the other hand, the ATP and WTA. Novak Djokovic is ranked No. 1 in the world.

In short, “Grand Slams are still Grand Slams,” and Wimbledon has always been a dream of mine when I was a kid. I don’t see it from the point of view of points or “cash prize“.”

Same sentiment with the Polish leader in the WTA rankings, Iga Swiatek: “In the Olympics, we play for medals (not points, editor’s note) and that’s very important. Whoever wins Wimbledon will always have it on their Wikipedia page. »

Small names in the ring need the rewards distributed in London: “For me, the question is off the table. I’ll be there,” sums up the French Grégoire Barrier Beyond 200And Global position and qualified for the second round of the Roland Garros Championship.

“From a financial point of view, even if this week is going to be good, we players who are going into the ‘playoffs’, we have to go there,” he describes. “We didn’t pay €400 in the first round of Challengers for our season.”

Often, the Frenchman, Benoit Payer, summed up his words without ever cutting his words: “I’ll go there to take my check anyway, to go and play a fair.”

However, he does not understand the choice of the ATP: “Most players do not understand this decision. And when I talk about it in the dressing room with 99% of the players, they want points and play a normal course.”

There are also, at the top of the standings, unhappy with the non-extension of points for the 2021 edition that will expire 52 weeks after the end of the tournament.

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“This year I will lose a total of 4,000 points from the Australian Open (due to a lack of a COVID-19 vaccination, editor’s note) and from Wimbledon, because I won’t let them defend them,” laments Djokovic, who was the outgoing winner at both major tournaments. “Obviously it affects me very negatively.”

Even Canadian Denis Shapovalov, who was sent off in the first round at Roland Garros, on Tuesday, complained “it’s extra pressure”.

“I knew I was going to lose points and that I couldn’t defend them,” the semi-finalist delivered at the last edition of Wimbledon. “So I knew before in this tournament (Roland Garros, Ed) that it was very important for me to get as far away from here as possible.”

The 15th player in the world, Shapovalov is about to dive into the world rankings in the coming weeks. He would have liked to do ATP “differently,” “maybe keep 50% like last year,” because of COVID-19.

“The season on the grass is really very short, and players who do well on that surface don’t have a lot of chances to score points,” he said. “There, they lost a good part of it, it’s very difficult. »

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