PUMA launches Euro 2022

As part of Euro 2022, PUMA has unveiled a special collection alongside the Liberty brand. Jerseys and cleats.

In a month’s time, the 2022 Women’s European Championship will be held on the other side of the canal, in England. If, of course, we wish the French national team to win the European Champion title, the preparations are still underway. After Adidas and Nike, that’s how it is puma Which kicks off their competition by offering shirts of eligible selections as well as an array of straps that have been designed just for the occasion.

Collaborate with LIBERTY for a touch of elegance

A few years ago, some brands (adidas won’t be mentioned) imagined colors specifically for women where pink was often in the spotlight. An initiative that was considered good by some equipment manufacturers at the time but does not pass today as the perception of women’s football has changed. By quickly transforming to a professional level, women’s football paved the way for many players who have since walked the green rectangle and who will be the stars of tomorrow.

“Women’s football is taking new steps and we want to contribute to this progress.”

Since the 2019 World Cup, equipment has also taken another direction. Smarter than just a “woman-friendly” color, OEMs now offer tailored clothing for women. In addition to the different cut, the design now varies between female choice and male choice. A good opportunity to appear as we have seen recently on the new jersey of the French women’s team and its floral pattern.

PUMA Euro 2022 Shirts

Continuing this change in branding trend, PUMA Football has just revealed its dip in the 2022 FIFA Women’s Euros. In addition to the Italy, Iceland, Switzerland and Austria jerseys we’ll see during the Euros, a couple of straps have been unveiled. All in a collection designed in collaboration with London-based Maison LIBERTY. An establishment in the fashion world with floral motifs as its trademark. It is enough to present special T-shirts.

Flowers on PUMA Euro 2022 shirts

While the Italy and Iceland shirts will take the main design lines for the men’s team shirts, it is the House of Liberty flowers that will be honored on all PUMA shirts at Euro 2022. Thus, the famous PUMA shirts you will find the Liberty of London floral prints on the vertical stripe of the Icelandic shirt, on my board A checkerboard for the Italian shirt, on the horizontal stripes of the Austrian shirt and a coordinating tone on the set of the Swiss shirt. The real common denominator between these four choices and PUMA’s strong desire to bring a touch of elegance to their soccer jerseys, while still staying grounded.

UEFA EURO 2022 T-Shirts PUMA’s Choice

Apart from the aesthetics, technology will also be appropriate because the original T-shirts will be equipped with this technology Ultrasound It features an ultra-lightweight fabric and four-way stretch construction. On the other hand, replicas will be equipped with classic dry cell Brand Cats and you will benefit from being made of 100% recycled polyester.

Feminine Fit On Cleats Euro 2022

A year ago, PUMA unveiled a feminine fit in its Ultra Silo. As Dominique Gathier (PUMA Product Manager) explained to us in an interview, this version is designed to provide a solution for gamers looking for shoes more suitable for the female foot. On the occasion of Euro 2022, it is the turn of the future collection to evolve and once again present a suitable collection designed specifically for women. So the women’s market conquest strategy of the cat brand continues and does not stop at the introduction of more suitable shoes. The Euro 2022 stud design has also been specially modified.

The absolute freedom of Euro 2022

Still in collaboration with Maison Liberty, special editions were designed for competition. Both soccer shoes feature a LIBERTY floral motif and a new version of the PUMA logo. The set also includes a special edition ULTRA GRIP 1 HYBRID LIBERTY goalkeeper gloves that PUMA goalkeepers will wear this summer.

Future 1.4 Liberty Euro 2022

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