Pyrenees Orientales: His popular savings account was closed without his knowledge and his money strangely transferred to a “suspension account”

She believed that putting her wool stock in this company that claimed to be much more than a bank would ensure the safety of her savings. Bombas’ 80s Anna Grezis has been disappointed for nearly a month. Days and days spent relaunching the postal bank’s specialized savings service to restore Livret d’Epargne Populaire. Opened in July 2011, and closed on May 9 without her knowledge by the Foundation, which transferred the saver’s money to a “suspension account”. She had more than 7,800 euros, including benefits.

The Livret d’Epargne Populaire was opened on July 12, 2011 at the Postal Bank in Pompas, Anna Grizes takes care of it “Like the apple of my eye”. This 83-year-old separated mother and grandmother had at the time paid €7,700 of the exact amount to this inflation-linked account which has earned more than 1% in the past and 2.2% since last January. “Whatever happens, I never touch that money. Every year, I just clear out the interest I put in Booklet A”Anna Greese says. The profit of 120 euros per month in the most prosperous year was only 49.22 euros in 2022, according to the statement received by the beneficiary in the spring of this year. a “hallucination” Surprise support.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. My famous savings account (LEP) was closed on May 9, 2022 without my consent, without my signature and without telling anyone”, enrages a retiree who discovers the mysterious termination by logging into her computer in her Banque Postale client space. Two days later, still amazed, she received a confirmation by mail. “Without the slightest reason, my savings were transferred to a so-called retention account.”offended Anna Grizes, who immediately went to the post office in her municipality to demand clarifications. “I had gone there last March to manually hand in my non-tax proof of eligibility for a LEP, but the employee then certified me that it was no longer worth it. Submit my tax form, which the tax authorities will now submit Transfer Information straight. I had understood his words.”, explains Anna Griezes, who is leaving reassured. Especially since the last bank document regarding the LEP, received before its closing, attests to the eligibility gained until March 31, 2024.

I’m asked for my username and password and I walk from one service to another

The 80-year-old, who puts all his trust in the writer opposite, returns to see her for clarification. Instead, you get advice and literally follow it. The next day, May 12, Anna Greese sent her first letter of complaint to the Specialized Savings Service via an internal letter. Without an answer, she wrote back the following May 24 asking again to reopen her LEP ‘Closed prematurely’ And the “Without any loss of interest or costs”. In the meantime, she never gave up and several times called the financial center of Postal Bank in Marseille. “Nearly every time, I am passed from person to person asking me to provide my ID, address, my passbook number, my username and my password… before being disconnected”She swears, convinced she’s not showing herself enough “beating hard”. at the point “To find a voice who even wanted to put a security on my checking account!”

Without any other solution, last Friday Anna Grizis attempted to send a third letter addressed in a letter that was followed and distributed on the morning of Tuesday, May 31, the postmark taken as evidence. “I want to know how the bank was able to close an account book in my name without my signature on any paper and open a suspended account in the same way, this is illegal”She discovers that she is not alone in this strange situation. Motivated by a potential collective effect, Anna Greese intends to win her case at any cost. And if I don’t succeed, I’ll arrest Julien Courbet.She promised that she was determined to find the Livret d’Epargne Populaire and her savings in it.

“The director of Bombas will receive Mrs. Greys and solve the problem.”

Contacted, Postal Bank reported this Wednesday, 1 June, “A relatively minor issue. The LEP is subject to tax conditions and every year our beneficiaries are required to provide us with a tax slip. And when we don’t have those items, we put the money into a holding account, which is the time to see if the person still qualifies. We have all her tax information.”Specifies the facility’s contact department. adding “It is the customer who should send us his tax statement, not taxes”.

Was Anna Grizis misled at the Bombas office? “I don’t know, but what is certain is that we must have missed a piece of paper or information.”reassured a Banque Postale spokesperson, who has good news. “The Bombas office manager called Ms. Grizes directly to be seen very soon, by the end of the week, to solve the problem. And if she is already eligible for a LEP, don’t worry, he will wait for the account to be closed and the money to be returned to his LEP. Anyway, the funds were not lost. “attributed.

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