Realistic equation in France?

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#1 | Ange Boulangerie is committed to the purchasing power of the consumer

Despite the current context of the rise in raw materials, the bakery and bakery brand adheres to three codes of great importance: maintaining the price of the baguette at 1 euro and its free formula 3 + 1, i.e. 0.75 euros per unit; keep the price of chocolates and a whole buttered croissant at less than 1 euro; Eco-friendly menu for less than 5€ with three ingredients (sandwich, dessert, drink). The strong commitment of the second largest baker in France is made possible thanks to two assets that make a difference: the organization of a network of its 207 bakeries in France, as well as the supply of French wheat to the CRC and the agricultural ethics sector for the flour used to make bread and baguettes.

# 2 | In the face of rising prices, we eat more homemade small dishes

The French went extensively to the hearth during the cells. Habit remained. It was re-launched due to inflation, encouraging people to save money, including in the kitchen. Even if Covid-19 does seem far away, habits remain. For some, kissing again is impossible. For others to buy ready meals. During confinement, the French would wear an apron and get their hands dirty, especially with bread.. With the return of the bowl approaching, a new threat to the restaurant?

# 3 | Domino’s Pizza and Netflix invite you to order…in thought!

What if pizza could be ordered in mind? Domino’s Pizza is playing on this with the new mental ordering service “Domino’s Mind”, for the benefit of American gourmets. To promote it, the world’s largest pizza delivery company has teamed up with Netflix, unveiling TV commercials inspired by the Stranger Things series.

# 4 | The birth of responsible consumption, encouragement without punishment

Changes in habits are driven by individual awareness, legal restrictions, and incentives. If the younger ones are the most receptive, then the most influential are those with the most purchasing power. Consuming more responsibly is already a daily gesture for nearly one in every French. According to the ObSoCo* study conducted in January 2021, that percentage is exactly 44%. These French are divided into three groups. The most extreme are the younger generation, also known as “climate dwellers”, who are aware of the environment from school. He is followed by the old guard of “environmental responsible” baby boomers and, finally, “green puppies” who are highly educated, but less observant and highly sensitive to social pressures from their community. If changes in behavior aren’t smooth sailing, the consumer needs to appeal… to see if Agec law enforcement will allow you to move forward?

# 5 | Mother’s Day: Respect Your Mother by Wild & The Moon is also about respecting the planet!

Yes, Mother’s Day is Sunday! If we expect a plethora of restaurants, it’s also an opportunity to do good… From the plants on the plate to the plants in your home, there’s only one step to finding serenity… and satisfying!

#6 | Connected refrigerators, new canteens 2.0?

More economical connected refrigerators follow the trend of healthy fast food, while optimizing space and costs, ensuring success. Raphael Marchant, co-founder of Melchior, a digital catering service, describes a “change that gives more flexibility.” New companies like Foodles, Popchef, and NU! Or even Le Bon Bocal entered that market, introducing a digital canteen. But leading group catering companies, such as Elior or Sodexo, have embraced these new market expectations, also including customer expectations in terms of the environment.

#7 | Too Good To Go launches its own tutorial

After eight months of probation in nine primary schools, Too Good To Go launches its educational project called “Mon école anti gaspi”. It is intended for primary school students, and aims to raise children’s awareness and educate them about food waste and give them the right reactions as soon as possible. My Anti-Gaspi School comes as a kit that provides educators and extracurricular professionals with tools to educate children and raise their awareness of food waste. These tools, educational tables and board games can now be downloaded for free and can be used from the beginning of the next school year.

#8 | “Make charging your electric car as easy as buying coffee!”

Volvo Vehicle USA and Starbucks want to develop a public electric vehicle charging network for Starbucks stores starting this summer. The chargers will go through the ChargePoint and bear the Volvo brand. So far, the partners have already designated 15 Starbucks locations and want to distribute 60 DC chargers. It would take 40 minutes to recharge the car…the consumer would have to take (a little bit) more coffee, right? good idea ?

#9 | La Paul: McDonald’s is changing and adopting reusable cutlery – Loi Agec

New style and new decor at McDonald’s in the Salines area! The opening of the restaurant was organized in this context last Wednesday 11 May in the presence of many professionals and elected officials of Presqu’île. The opportunity for Jean-Noël Pénichon, buyer of the new franchise of 2 McDonald’s in Guérande, to announce the abandonment of single-use packaging for meals consumed on site. And you? Are you ready to go to the dishes to consume right away?

# 10 | Key figures for e-commerce in France as of 1Verse Quarter 2022 Five-Year Study

According to the latest quarterly metric published by Fevad, French e-commerce is in good shape with a total turnover of approximately 12% over the previous year and a significant increase in the average basket … Sales services are rebounding: continues to catch up + 43% compared to the first quarter From 2021 (+41% compared to the first quarter of 2020). It was driven by the acceleration in transportation, tourism and leisure sales, which were up +135%. Find all the results of this study also in our article. The challenge facing retailers and e-merchants? Consumer repeat purchase rate and average basket increase! Follow !

Rewards | Burger King Extends Contract: King Deal menu price won’t change!

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