Reasons revealed that Delphine Wespiser (TPMP) is losing a lot of money!

Miss and former columnist Delphine Wespiser has received another bad news, this time about money.

Always very vocal about her convictions, Miss France 2012 Delphine Weisbeiser is outspoken. This got her into a lot of trouble recently, when she announced on the TPMP that she was voting for the National Rally. Remember, a few days before the second round of the 2022 presidential election, Cyril Hanoune chose to deal with the results of the first round.

Delphine Wespiser has been in turmoil for a few weeks

As usual, Delphine Wespiser did not hesitate to speak to the other columnists. She said of Marine Le Pen that she really does something, she has worked, and she has a kind of favor. His opinion quickly displeased his colleagues over Touche who was not in my position. For their part, netizens were mixed.

Delphine Weisbeezer loses her role as a muse

Still in turmoil, the former Miss France lost another decade, Ouest France explains. Very committed to fighting animal abuse, the 30-year-old is a so-called activist. This fact has never been hidden, but it has become a problem. Pierre Lammert, President of Planète Légumes, announced at France Bleu that Delphine Wespiser’s contract with Fruits and Vegetables of Alsace will not be renewed.

We have turned the page. Sometimes, it is no longer incorporated into other agricultural products. He explains that breeding is also important in the Alsatian landscape, suggesting the botanical convictions of others. Then Pierre Lammert asserts that this has nothing to do with his political views on Marine Le Pen: the reasons are purely professional and agricultural.

Delphine Wesbeezer in the cold with affectionate Cyril? The TPMP columnist assesses the situation.

Delphine Wespiser made a live broadcast on her Instagram account on May 13. An opportunity for her to evaluate Cyril Hanouna’s relationship with him.

For a year and a half, Delphine Whisperser has been part of Cyril Hanouna’s group of columnists. Her presence on the set is very noticeable because the former Miss France is always very transparent and at times Cyril Hanoun and columnists collide with her, especially because of her candor.

In a live broadcast on her Instagram account on May 13, she showed a lot of confidence and specifically mentioned Touche pas à mon poste and C8’s avatar host. Her followers did not hesitate to ask her how affectionate Cyril was in real life, which amuses her very much. I adore him! I called him on the phone again just now.

First, she said, I gave her an update on how things were going at home. He told me he was going to a paddle board tournament tomorrow in Perpignan, and that makes him so happy, that’s cool!. Then she continued their conversation: He told me that the show was good, the audience was good, so everything is great, and I concluded, very happy for Cyril affectionate.

For several days, Delphine Wespiser did not set foot on the Touche group, not in my position. If viewers are worried, don’t hesitate to ask him for an explanation. The young woman quickly assured them that she would be back soon. She told me that they were waiting for me, that I miss the show and that my place is there too. What about his absence?

Friends, I am so glad to see you again very soon. Right now, if I’m not there, it’s because I’m in Fort Boyard and so I can’t repeat myself! I explained before adding: I’ve been in Fort Boyard for a while, and I haven’t posted many photos, but I’ve been here for about a week and a half. If she is not currently on the show, she said she watches it from time to time, when she has time.

Besides, Delphine Weisbeezer went on to thank Cyril Hanoun for taking her under his wing and made it clear that even if she feels comfortable there, it’s not an easy exercise. Because of living and the fact that I love interacting with my heart! In fact, I either react with my heart or I don’t, she concludes.

dolphin whisperser

Delphine Wespiser: What project have you announced recently?

Delphine Wespiser has a very busy schedule, and she doesn’t intend to ease it. On Monday, May 16, she went to social networks to announce to her followers a big project. Friends, I have good news. She revealed before saying a little more, this summer, I’ll be holding spiritual retreat sessions.

You can come to my place, in being on the subject of my book, become whole and calm, I continued. It will take two or three days of immersion, connecting with yourself where you will, I hope, get answers. She concluded before indicating that she would get back to them with more details, we can all share together and that would be great.

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