Recruit your interns with Neo Sphere, the 100% remote school that adapts to your pace!

Neo Sphere has not waited for the health crisis to develop e-learning training: since 2018, the school has offered a catalog of 100% distance learning work and study courses that lead to professional titles from BA to BA +3. On the same platform, the student can access the courses (PDF test, activities), to his notes, to the trainee follow-up brochure, to the video room where trainees from the same group can meet, from the training room to practice assessments, their one-to-one messaging service, from which During which they can contact their teacher at any time, various discussion forums.

Focus training on business knowledge

With a network of over 500 partners across France, Neo Sphere launched the Tourism Academy at the end of 2020, with dedicated recruitment teams and sales representatives. “The management and teaching team are mainly from the hotel and restaurant sector, hence our DNA”says Melina Debast, a reference for training counselors and herself a former receptionist.

In addition to its historical activity, the school, which is now a partner of the Icademie network, has opened work-study programs in several branches of the higher education sector: “We have chosen to develop courses that are popular with students and where there are interesting opportunities. We are experts in the field of tourism but we want to apply an educational method that has proven itself in other sectors,” Melina Dibast justifies. The school offers diploma courses in:

  • Communication and multimedia
  • professional integration
  • Support and safety
  • Administration and management
  • HR and Accounting
  • Trade and sale

What do all these programs have in common? “All focus on business knowledge. There are no general topics. Field experience is the key to the success of our trainees. This is why all our pedagogical teachers have professional experience related to the course that the students who accompany them follow”Melina Dibast continues.

In the discussion forums, students can also reach out to other tutors: “It is exciting for our interns to be able to draw on various certifications, because a professional integration consultant working on a local assignment will not have the same vision of the profession as the person hired by Paul Employ,” Explains counselor training reference.

The courses, placed under the seal of self-transcendence and friendliness, aim to support all students “Professions that require passion”: “We select young people who are highly motivated and ready to invest in a profession they love, Melina testifies. We are committed to following up on our learners well and make sure, when we hire our trainees, to choose profiles that will not drop out after three weeks. »

The pace of learning is in line with the pace of companies

This support is most valuable for companies struggling to hire who begin with an initial interview to determine the company’s needs, determine the ideal work study profile and design a customized schedule: When should the contract start in the year? How does the student’s schedule adapt to the company’s activity?

Training includes 25% of learning time in school versus 75% in business: “The advantage of 100% distance learning is that the trainee can focus on his business tasks during peak periods of activity, such as from June to September, for the tourism season, and continue his courses in off-peak times.”Melina Dibast continues.

The programs are built according to the Ministry of Labor’s reference system, and are reviewed every 5 years, to match the evolving needs of companies. For each skill set, the student takes lessons and submits their homework to their teacher before taking the final exam. Depending on the company’s outlook, the school can also offer additional specialization modules: “We can add complementary capsules that adapt to the work. For example, for future Appart City managers, we have added a marketing course for group practices.”

Continuous mediation between the job seeker, the study and the company

The school sends a minimum of 3 to 5 CVs to the company. If he discovers a young man has potential but finds that he does not quite fit the profile the company wants, he can enable him to develop certain skills, before presenting it to his potential employer. That’s the point of the My City School system that prepares to learn. Among the courses offered: refresher on office software, interview simulation, training for cover letter review or resume.

Once the company has selected its future employee, Neo Sphere is responsible for preparing the file for submission to OPCO. Support continues throughout the work and study contract with four scheduled follow-up meetings between the study and work reference at the school and the apprenticeship supervisors from different companies. “It acts as a mediator between the job seeker, the study and the company. It also verifies that the trainee’s educational career path aligns with the objectives set at the beginning of the training.”

Are you having a hard time recruiting a work study student and would you like to work alongside a school that will be able to adapt to your limitations and working methods? Contact the Neo Sphere!

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