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In the field of human resources, companies face many challenges. One relates to legal changes that have multiplied in recent years. Employers, for example, are still looking for salary bonus recommendations. They want to anchor it with confidence to retain talent while optimizing their payroll costs. Another, more obvious example is the implementation and monitoring of underemployment during a crisis. ” More than ever, companies are looking for advice and a guide to de-stress. Pascal Seselewicz explains,General Director in SecureX.

Another big challenge for employers is payroll. Some structures with up to 200 people are used to handle this component internally. With Covid and the absence of some staff, this process has been undermined at times. So the strategic focus has shifted in many of these companies and we’ve seen strong demand to take on this task. Finally, today’s companies are dealing with a tight market and find it difficult to hire experts who are able to link theory with practice. They also have to deal with digitizing and piloting some HR tools more or less efficiently.

International experience in serving local companies

Thanks to its team, Securex is able to deal with these various problems and provide answers. “Our employees can support businesses, from SMEs to multinationals, that do not have the necessary resources, in order to ensure that this human aspect is managed and the link between local regulations and HR policies.”

Founded in 1905 in Belgium, Securex Group has solidified its presence in Luxembourg. 20 years ago, focusing on operational human resources. The Luxembourg entity is concerned with statutory control in social law, payroll accounting, human resource consulting, mobility (vehicle fleet management) and the provision of HRIS (Human Resource Management Information System). Thanks to the group’s presence in countries such as Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain, Securex also manages international payroll. A problem reinforced by the implementation of remote work. We are ready to end the freezing of bilateral agreements with neighboring countries, because we are particularly active in the latter. »

Strengthening its role as a multi-service partner

Excellence, commitment, trust, respect and team spirit are the values ​​that Securex employees rely on to support them. “We are accustomed to working side by side and integrating our skills to serve the client. The latter can rely on a contact person, who himself is in close contact with other services: legal affairs, mobility experts, HR experts, etc. Making our skill set available to companies is part of Our DNA.This reassures our customers .»

To best meet the human resource needs expressed by companies in Luxembourg, the company has developed its service offering over the years. “We started as a payroll company. For four years, we have evolved into a ‘HR Business Partner’ and we want to strengthen this role. If today the payroll service still allows us to respond to an initial request, our other expertise allows these companies to deal with many of their problems In parallel: managing INFPC files, creating a vehicle policy, or owning a high-performance HR tool, especially. »

Companies are more than ever looking for advice and guidance.

Pascal Sislowicz, & nbsp General Manager, & nbsp Securex

For Pascal Cieslewicz, “Global HR Advice” is essential to helping clients who believe they only have an organizational need. What the company wants is to ensure the link between theory and practice. This approach is particularly reflected through the creation of OFFICIENT, the HR tool. “Innovation does not scare us. We were among the first to offer electronic payment vouchers about ten years ago. While at the time, the concept did not find the hoped-for success in the market, our teams sought to improve the product, which today is a standard solution for a very large majority of our customers (95%). ) »

Targeting SMEs and SMEs, OFFICIENT aims to be easy to use, seamless and adapted to the Luxembourg market. In addition to managing employee data, it includes leave, expense, and performance reports, as well as the ability to create and electronically sign any document useful to human resources. “This tool can also be integrated into our payroll system, which automatically retrieves the necessary information. For his part, the employee can easily access his vacation via his smartphone. Simple and effective design, as well as technology come together”, rejoices Pascal Siselvich.

People and services are at the heart of the strategy

At the head of the company for two years, he wasGeneral DirectorDesires to be part of the continuity of its predecessor and emphasizes Securex’s role as a recognized player for global HR services. In addition to being considered a reference in the market, we want to bring happiness to our employees. We hope they enjoy working here and gaining skills. We have the DNA of a training company and feel free to teach our trade talents.Those, among other things, trained in self-regulation, have a certain freedom in organizing their working time while maintaining their responsibilities towards clients. This approach, combined with the participatory and transparent management preferred by the company, enables it to handle a low turnover rate (less than 5% for the past two years).

Today, the ambition is to structure the company’s significant growth.

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