Retraining to Become a Dietitian: Some Ideas

Training, diplomas, job market status and franchise alternatives: everything you need to know to retrain as a nutritionist

Are you a nurse or caregiver and want to retrain to become a dietitian? Training and diplomas, but also the reality of the dietitian profession and possible alternatives with nutrition and nutrition training: some ways to retrain a dietitian when you are a nurse or caregiver.

Training to retrain as a nutritionist

To become a dietitian in France, there are only two courses: BTS Nutrition and the A Biological Engineering major in Dietetics. These courses can be followed face to face, which requires a long training leave within a retraining, or remotely, which includes working during the day and working on your degree in the evenings and on weekends. So it’s not possible to retrain from a nurse or nursing assistant to a state-certified dietitian: it’s a long and demanding process.

After graduation to work as a Public Service Dietitianit is necessary to pass competition with each institution. To this end, it is possible to obtain information from the departmental directorates of health and social work in each department to find out which institutions employ nutritionists.

Dietitian: Watch out for the lark mirror

Lack of recognition, deteriorating working conditions (and even more so since the Covid-19 epidemic), lack of resources and staff in all functional structures, wages that remain unattractive: for several years now, many nurses and caregivers are considering professional retraining.

for the purpose of Staying in a profession related to health and medicineThere is so much to wish for Become a nutritionist. If, on paper, this reconversion not only seems relevant but easily accessible, the reality is a bit more complicated.

Indeed, if in 2018 France had just over 12,000 dietitians, according to the French Association of Dietitians, 41% of them work as hospital employees, 37% are liberal and 22% are in other sectors (local local authorities, mainly agricultural – food industry), according to Pôle Emploi, there are only 3 to 4 job offers for 10 candidates. According to that Seats are expensive.

In addition, as a liberal, this can be very difficult to do Create a customer base, except for specializing in diets related to weight loss. This is while diets associated with weight loss in theory only account for 10% of A activity Dietitianwho is above everything Emergency medicine specialist.

Also, even if it means majoring in weight loss, the simplest thing is to avoid spending 2 to 3 years resuming studies and Become a slimming trainer, with distinction, without a diploma.

Training franchises for slimming to retrain

If the goal of vocational retraining is to maintain a Rewarding and rewarding jobcenter on The humanaccompaniment and dialogue, allowing people to “feel better about themselves,” and that, while earning a decent living and being part of a cohesive, benevolent and fraternal network, Benefits of weight loss training It undoubtedly appears as the best solution for Nutritionist retraining When you are a nurse or caregiver.

Admittedly, these perks do not allow you to become a dietitian as such. They allow you to become Nutritional rebalancing coachNutrition coach, slimming coach, etc. In short, whatever the name, the basic principle of trade remains the same: escort. It is about supporting clients in losing weight and, above all, changing their relationship to food and their body.

As a result, all the qualities, skills and know-how of health workers, nurses and front-line caregivers can be directly harnessed and exploited in the context of this retraining.

And this, more like Specific skills related to nutrition are directly transmittedDuring the initial training, par excellence With each new franchisee.

Once the training is completed and the weight loss center is opened, the certified nutrition coaches are not only constantly supported by the head of the network and other members of the network, but also generally manage to earn a comfortable salary, as they operate in a very booming market.

Therefore, if you are a nurse or caregiver and want to retrain to become a dietitian, consider consulting two advice articles on the topic:

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