Revegetation, opponent, concrete example of “Nature’s plan” in the 7th district

Rue Saint-Michel has become a “street for children”. (Photo: Loris Lacroix)

As part of the Nature Plan published by the City of Lyon, Gregory Ducet, Mayor of Lyon, presented three projects to revegetate roads in the 7th arrondissement on Tuesday, May 17th. With the aim of planting 1,600 trees annually throughout the city.

A few days after publishingNature’s plan‘, Gregory Ducet, Mayor of Lyon, introduced three local operations in the 7th arrondissement. Objective: to rehabilitate public spaces and place plants in the heart of the city. With regard to the metropolis, the city has thus initiated an extensive program to revegetate roads in order to convert bitumen roofs into green roofs in some targeted places. The mayor of Lyon renewed his desire to “It demonstrates concretely the implementation of the “Nature Plan”, which aims to establish nature in the city. In all, there are 53 projects planned in 2022 compared to 35 in 2021.”

Fanny Dubot, mayor of the 7th arrondissement, and Gregory Ducet, mayor of Lyon, present the new version of the position of leader Claude Pollard. (Photo: Loris Lacroix)

Projects to “reshape” bitumen

Thus, some projects began to flourish in the regions of Lyon. Starting from the seventh where three operations were carried out in the area between the Grande Rue de la Guillotière and rue de l’Université. Thus, the city of Lyon “Appointment ” 650 m2 of bitumen treated with bollard squares and back. For the first time, 7 parking spaces have been removed in favor of several climate-change-adapted plant species. For the second, 270 plants were installed on 350 m2 planted area in addition to 6 new trees. “On Earth we see this vegetation that has spread widely, which shows our desire to expand biodiversity. Here we want to bring more freshness, reconfigure the city by greening it, and also offer better health to the people of LyonGregory Ducet explained.

The redevelopment of Hevrin Kelv Square in the seventh district began one year ago. (Photo: Loris Lacroix)

St. Michael’s StreetKids Street for this part. Located near Gilbert Dru School, it now takes the form of a footpath with student-accessible planting containers, recreational facilities and trees embedded in more sustainable soil. In total, 6 streets in Lyon have been redeveloped by the city and metropolis so that the youngest can enjoy them.

“It is not a matter of luring everything to the pedestrian, but merely appeasing“, Gregory Doucet

The selection fell first on the 7th arrondissement due to its location in the hypercenter. “There are many other priorities in this sectorFanny Dubott, Mayor of the Seventh District, believes. This includes project management based on traffic, waste and urban users. The second issue is also to consider The Nature as quickly as possible by removing the bitumen and re-vegetation. Finally, the third challenge is working with the locals. We give them several plans and they give us feedback to get projects like this one.” I continued.

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Revegetation of the deficient sectors in 2022

Thus, these processes of proximity and revegetation lay the foundation stone forNature’s plan“Published by the city. The solution chosen by ecologists could, in the long run, effectively combat urban heat islands, cool the city, reduce pollution and enhance biodiversity.”These construction sites You want to be especially vigilant with reusing existing limits“Call the mayor of Lyon. And add”That it is not a matter of passing everything, but merely appeasementIn this sense, the city has allocated a budget of 141 million euros to nature and intends to direct its efforts towards sectors that lack revegetation. In addition, 80% of the planned revegetation for 2022 will affect these missing areas such as the 8th and 9th arrondissement but also the 3rd.

Rue Saint-Michel has become a “street for children”. (Photo: Loris Lacroix)

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