Robots, the superheroes of the logistics company C-Log, in Poupry-Artenay

They are called Alpi, Ippo or Meko… they are Robots working in the warehouse of C-Logalong the cities of Artenay and Beaubri (Eure-et-Loire).

Since March 2022, a fashion logistics specialist, based in Brittany, has been using modern robots To process online orders for ready-to-wear clothing brands Cache Cache, Bonobo and Bréal (Historic brands of the Beaumanoir Group, to which C-Log belongs).

In a skillfully orchestrated ballet, Machines, fast and independent, recover parts, whose references are checked by operators; group them together as necessary; Then we pour them into the trap. The employees then harvest the products they are packaging.

The cost of each robot is 2500 euros. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

Since 2007, C-Log has been investing in e-commerce. While the logistical cost of e-commerce is high, “continuous growth is driving us to seek solutions to improve efficiency and customer service,” he says. Benoit Boy, its general manager. According to him, the C-Log e-commerce business has Increase of “70% in 2020, then 45% in 2021”.
At the moment, it occupies the e-commerce segment 6000 square meters of C-Log site in Poupry-Artenay. In addition, 9,000 square meters are used for the logistics of the environmentally responsible French shoe brand Veja.
The e-commerce logistics site covers 6000 square meters.
Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

Investment of 10 million euros

Behind the design of these advanced devices, there are about fifteen people, including four doctors specializing in robotics – based in Pleudihen-sur-Rance (Ille-et-Vilaine). They have been working on this innovative project, an investment of €10 million, for four years. The team imagined and designed these robots before they were manufactured in the Breton workshops.

The machines can lift less than two kilogramsTen hours of autonomy And recharge in thirty minutes. As shown Gwendal BeausolierDirector of Manufacturing, C-Log preferred to invent its own concept:

The solutions on the market were either too expensive or didn’t meet our needs, especially the processing of parts with very light weight. So our robots are lighter than others: their design requires less raw materials, less battery, and easier to maintain…”

The goal, processing 50,000 requests per day

Thanks to this state-of-the-art automated system, C-Log promises just thatAn order placed at 7 pm can be delivered to the customer the next day, at 10 am..

There is now a Poupry-Artenay website seventy machines. The goal is to install 200 by the end of the year and 400 terms To successfully process up to 50,000 requests per day.

Are robots will replace humans? Benoit BoyMD, says no. “No labor savings. On the contrary, the more automated we use, the more we are employed, because we have registered additional quantities and activities.”

Poupry-Artenay employs “about thirty employees and about ten temporary workers depending on the needs,” according to Benoit Garson. In the coming months, C-Log plans to join other customers and Recruit twenty-five people : Logistics Operator, Maintenance Agent, Maintenance Coordinator, Developer, Computer Aided Design Specialist, Electrical Mechanic, Electronics Engineer, Automation Engineer.

To grow, C-Log relies on automation. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

C-Log, a Breton company

C – Log, including The main office is located in Saint Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), is a subsidiary of Supply Chain Beaumanoir . collectiona major player in the distribution of ready-made garments, employing 13,000 people.

Specializing in logistics for fashion (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.), C-Log supports brands in their development in France and abroad, by offering logistics solutions (Retail and e-commerce), but also transportation, product experience, etc. In 2020, it privately acquired La Halle Logistics.

Benoit Garson, CEO of C-Log. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

The turnover of C-Log is 130 million euros. It doubled between 2019 and 2021. The company, which is experiencing strong growth, has 750 employees.

she counts Ten locations in France and Belgium – including the Hotel Poupry-Artenay, which opened in 2020 and soon another in Ascoux near Pithiviers – or 225 thousand square meters of exploited area.

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