Rungis Marseille dreams of being (bigger)

9:30 PM, May 31, 2022

Mark Dufour has done the trick for all of his interlocutors recently. Hello, Presto, drive! Heading to a roundabout in the northern provinces of Marseille, full view of the sea, the port, the cities and above all … The Market of National Interest (MIN) in Marseille, the second largest in France after Rungis, from which it acquired consoles in 2017. “See how good our location is, with direct access to two motorways, close to the port of Marseille-Voss and the train station! It is proud of the head of the mixed economy company responsible for managing the venue, of which the city of Aix-Marseille-Mediterranean (AMP) is the largest shareholder. Since there is no free land for expansion, we came up with the idea of ​​the rise, which is a huge slab of 12 hectares that covers the existing market and creates 60,000 square meters of new logistics buildings and 1,500 direct jobs. »

This pharaonic logistic project can awaken Sleeping Beauty, which, like the other 16 MIN in France, was created in the 1960s by the state. Objective: to ensure urban supplies by organizing meetings between wholesalers, producers and buyers (shops, markets, local restaurants). But in the face of mass distribution in particular (which has its own buying centers), the historical mission of MINs has gradually lost its raison d’être. “They originally accounted for 80% of the volumes of fresh produce, and today their share is from 10 to 15%,” Says the manager who has relied since his arrival on the quality and proximity of traded products to stimulate business. Ironically, Covid-related restrictions helped him: “Consumers have rediscovered the importance of local businesses, and they are our customers.” In Marseille, 580,000 tons of fresh produce are traded every year, a real beehive in the early hours of dawn.

Take advantage of the e-commerce boom

Moreover, Marc Dufour will see himself opening MIN on the e-commerce boom, thanks to the creation of a logistics platform dedicated to this activity, and here is the famous slab in the project. MINs in Toulouse, Grenoble and Lille have already embarked on this path. “According to a study by La Poste, every household now receives five to six parcels per week, a number that will triple by 2025! Marc Dufour declared, convinced that central Marseille, already crowded – and choked – by traffic, would not be able to absorb this shock. In both cases, a low emission area [ZFE] by September 2022, blocking access to the center for the most polluting vehicles, and thus for the heavy goods vehicles that deliver these packages today. »

Each family now receives five to six parcels per week, a number that will triple by 2025!

This is the interest of the baptized project “Minopolis”. At 6 kilometers from the city center, the new generation MIN 100 will accommodate dump yards for heavy goods vehicles whose payload will be dumped in clean cars, electric trucks for example. “Slab built on the existing roof will not make soil”, Marc Dufour, who highlights the sustainable development aspect of the project, argues. Bonus: “The largest photovoltaic power plant in France” To feed the whole, any carbon neutral footprint.

Local political bickering paralyzes the project

Minopolis already has important supporters, starting with Philip Wahl, CEO of La Poste Group: “The challenge is low carbon logistics, i.e. the possibility of all goods being delivered in a low carbon way, Analyze it. To do this, you need a flow-gathering center that makes it possible to avoid entering the heart of the city in a high-carbon jumbo jet. From this point of view, the location of the Marseille MIN is excellent. If the project is implemented, we are ready to participate financially. »

The state should bring everyone around the table to remind us that the economic interest of a territory takes precedence over the political grub

Marc Dufour claims to have completed the budget, “100% private,” or 450 million euros. In short, everything is ready, but … “This project is progressing at a pace that has been frustrated by the political climate at the moment, A wise observer slips into the microcosm of Marseille, embroiled in the pico-coline competitions between a socio-environmental city led by Mayor (PS) Benoit Payan and a city on the right led by team (LR) Martin Vassal, both of whom have votes in the class. The state should bring everyone around the table to remind us that the economic interest of a territory takes precedence over the political grub. »

Marc Dufour also hopes that the President of the Republic, who has put Marseilles at the top of the state’s priorities, will finally take off the city of Minneapolis. So far, during his official visits, Emmanuel Macron has not found time to come to the MIN. The view is nice, though, from the Sainte-Marthe roundabout.

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