S-money acquires Fintech LePotCommun.fr to become a leader in community payment in France and Europe

Already partners for more than a year, S-money and LePotCommun.fr are now taking a new step in their collaboration by creating a section dedicated to innovative solutions in community drive.

Created in October 2011 by Adrien Soucachet, Ghislain Foucque and Thibault Saint-Georges-Chaumet and joined at the end of 2012 by Thomas Martin-Chave, LePotCommun.fr in less than four years has become a major player in its market with more than 2 million A user is cumulative and a post is logged every 8 seconds. Over the past year, LePotCommun.fr has seen a growth of 180% in its activity. At the end of 2014, LePotCommun.fr consolidated its position by acquiring Bankeez as well as the market leader Commonbox.

LePotCommun.fr has revolutionized fundraising for birthdays, leaving drinks and weekends with friends … Its simplicity, functionality and quality of customer service have been praised by users, with 98.6% declaring their satisfaction. (” Great discreet, easy to use and setup, very friendly and responsive hotline service, good advice! “ Natalie)

LePotCommun.fr diversified in 2014 with the development of other activities, such as the creation of an online ticket office (“La Ticketerie”) and the service of marriage and birth lists (“Les Petites Listes”).

For Ghislain Foucque, one of the three founders of Pot Commun: “ join S-money and Groupe BPCE, the second largest banking group in France, enable us to consider a new stage in our development with increasing resources to establish ourselves as a leader in the common pool and on a larger scale in societal payment.»

Accelerate the growth of the LePotCommun.fr service with innovation in social push

S-money’s ambition is to create, with Pot Commun Teams, the leader in community push in France and Europe. With a recognized customer experience and undeniable success in France, LePotCommun.fr has now started to internationalize its service with the opening of its activity in Spain and then in other European countries as of 2016.

For Nicholas Chatillon, CEO of S-money and Director of Commercial Banking Development and Insurance Functions at Groupe BPCE: “ Fate teams experience integration

Commun opens up new areas of collaboration to develop and diversify our offerings in a more innovative way in advancing society.”

This 85% stake in the start-up of S-money, which will rise to 100% within three years, allows financial technology LePotCommun.fr to join S-money as a subsidiary. The founders of Le Pot Commun will be responsible for the operational management of the company with the goal of creating cost and development synergies with S-money.

For S-money, this acquisition opens new growth prospects in emerging markets resulting from new online and mobile consumption patterns. It has already proven its expertise in these areas, particularly with the launch of the first global payment in 2014 on a social network using the Twitter payment solution.

S-money: Definite development momentum in the new digital and mobile payment markets

S-money has experienced continuous expansion since its launch with strong growth in its activity and now has 1 million active users, already 150 million euros in annual collections, and more than 200,000 payment transactions are carried out every day. , a network of 70 partners and nearly twenty employees. For Groupe BPCE, this process is part of the innovation dynamic that began with the creation of S-money, a subsidiary company dedicated to innovation in mobile and digital payments and as part of its “Growing Otherwise” strategic plan aimed at offering its customers services that combine the best What in human and digital.

About Jean-Yves Forel, General Manager, Commercial Banking and Insurance, Groupe BPCE: “ S-money’s acquisition of LePotCommun.fr is an extension of the collection activity on behalf of third parties and confirms its development dynamism with a promising new project in the fast-growing innovative payment market.

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