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Sale dates

Updated on 08/06/2022

From June 22 to July 19

The Sales start date Fixed in Wednesday June 22 to me 8 am. Sales will end on Tuesday 19 July 2022 included.

Sales is an opportunity to do good business for consumers, and sell their inventory to dealers.

Liquidation is the only promotional period in which traders are allowed to sell their shares at a loss. They meet three characteristics:

  • be accompanied or preceded by an advertisement.
  • They include an announcement of a price reduction (which can amount to resale at a loss) within the limits of the inventory to be sold.
  • They are practicing for Fixed periods (summer and winter sales) The dates specified by commercial law. In the application PACTE Act, sales duration varies from three to six weeks.

To know:

Outside statutory selling periods, dealers can organize business operations to offload their inventory, provided they do not use the word “sales” and do not resell at a loss.

What items can be deducted?

Merchants can only scan Items that have been paid for and have been on sale for at least one month On the start date of the sale period.

What are the obligations to display during the sale?

In the store, you should be able to clearly identify which items are for sale and which are not.

The merchant must be clear Indicate the discount compared to the actual reference price. It is forbidden to increase the price of the product before the period of sale to make the consumer believe that he is benefiting from a greater promotion than he actually is.

It is also forbidden not to apply the price reductions shown in the window.

What are the consumer rights regarding returns and warranties?

The selling element benefits from Same warranties as any other non-sale item In terms of unobserved manufacturing defects or after-sales service. Thus the phrase “during sales, no return or exchange” is arbitrary.

And therefore , In the event of a hidden defect
Identification of the product, you can ask the seller to repair, replace or refund the purchased product.

In the absence of a hidden defect, the seller is not legally obligated to do so, unless he has undertaken to do so in commercial guarantee

Online sales: specific rights?

The Sale dates
Online are the same as the national dates, regardless of the location of the company’s headquarters.

Distance selling businesses, especially online, are subject to the same regulations as physical stores in terms of sales.

Whether the item is purchased for sale or not, the consumer can Return the product to the seller
for exchange or refund, without any penalty, within a 14 days from delivery.

To know: Sales dates for online commerce or distance selling (electronic commerce) correspond to the national dates for traditional commerce, regardless of the location of the company’s headquarters.

sell products

Sale products must have been offered for sale and paid for for at least one month before the sale begins. It is forbidden to make a supply intended for sale a few days before the start of the commercial operation, without having previously offered the products for sale.

In the store, the distinction between sold and unsold items should be clearly visible to consumers: precise labeling, and separate location in the store, in particular.


The seller must clearly indicate the discounts offered in relation to the actual reference price. Thus, it is forbidden to increase the price of the product before the sale period, in order to think that the promotion is greater than it really is.

The merchant must be able to justify the reference prices for the products offered for sale: either the lowest price already charged before the start of the promotion, or the price recommended by the supplier or the head of the network …

In addition, it is forbidden not to exercise the discounts displayed in the window, a practice described as misleading advertising.

Advertising sales

Under penalty of a fine of €1,500, any advertisement relating to a sale must state the following:

  • Operation start date
  • The nature of the goods offered for sale, if all products of the enterprise are not affected by the removal process.

For blogging: Since January 1, 2020, the duration of each sales period has been fixed at four weeks in accordance with the provisions of the Decree of May 27, 2019 establishing the start dates and times of sales as well as their duration in accordance with Article L. 310-3 of the Commercial Code.

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