Savery and Loire. Incentive fee rates, access to recycling centers: what will change

The new price list for the incentive fee will take effect from July 1, 2022. The first invoice at the new rates will reach homes on January 1, 2023. © Sèvre et Loire

Why the note will be more salty

The topic deserves such a contradictory discussion. For 1:30, elected officials were inIt is the community of the municipalities of Sèvres and Loire Discuss a price increase Incentive fee which must be done in 1Verse July 2022.

The fee is 3.6 million euros, and it funds the collection and treatment of household waste lose Who sorts and recycles. as well garbage dumps (40% of expenses). The service operates on an independent budget.

Society is obligated to adjust its income to its expenses.

For this service, which has run surpluses for years, the budget “will quickly become very negative based on the current tariff schedule,” explained Xavier Renault, vice president in charge of the service.

With this increase, we are not filling a gap. We avoid digging one.

Christelle Proud, President of Sèvre et Loire.

The reasons are many. The first relates to the high costs of transportation and processing.

Example: from 2021 to 2025, the increase passed by companies responsible for processing, evacuation and waste transportation will increase by 750 thousand euros.

The General tax on polluting activities It also comes down to the “heavy” note.

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This state tax was created to encourage recycling from €30 per ton in 2021 to €65 per ton for landfill.

Another explanation is the size lose for analysis. In four years, it increased by 200 kg per year per inhabitant.

If the area has been a fairly good student in terms of household waste, it has seen a sharp rise in volumes of rubble and green waste deposited in recycling centers.

We are witnessing an explosion in the prices of these two substances.

Xavier Renault

In 2021, each inhabitant generated 782 kg of waste per year.

Prices and recycling centers: what will change

So there is no option for the community to revise the price list that was set in 2019 to generate more surplus necessary to fund future investments.

Depending on the composition of families, the incentive fee rates will increase from 20 to 35 euros per year. Change in price list will be done at 1Verse July 20022.

Families will pay 1Verse January 2023 upon receipt of the invoice. Even with this increase, Sèvre et Loire is still the region where incentive fees are lowest, compared to neighboring communities (only the tariff grid for lands of montejo on average less expensive).

At the same time, society takes a whole series of measures to reduce, or rather control the volume of waste to be processed. The first relates to individuals.

Access to two recycling centers (valet and the Loroux-Bottereau Receiving 25,000 tons of waste per year) will be limited to 24 segments per year.

from 25And Passing, an invoice of €10 will be recorded. For professionals, too, this will change. Prices will be readjusted to match the price list of the two private recycling centers in Divatte-sur-Loire and Vallet. Professionals “outside the territory” will not have access to recycling centers.

Limit sizes

Another challenge to society is behavior change.

We have come to the end of a cycle of waste sorting. Today we need to change the paradigm. And do everything to generate the least amount of waste. The message today is not to throw anything away. And tell yourself: What can I do to produce less waste?

Christelle Proud and Xavier Renault

To achieve this, the community will have to demonstrate pedagogy and explanation. There is work in this field. For example, 41 households go to the recycling center more than 100 times a year. And 360 families go there between 51 and 100 times.

Bastard - villain
Two landfills in the area receive 25,000 tons of waste annually © Sèvre et Loire

Several methods have been proposed to reduce the volume of waste. The only way to avoid more incentive fee increases, the day after tomorrow.

To encourage change in practices, the local authority will implement outreach actions with residents and local stakeholders; Develop circular economy and reuse and reform sector, zero household waste.

Studying the library of materials is part of this approach. The territory also aims to develop bio-waste collection and switch to solid fuels recovered from waste.

The file is uploaded by Valor 3E.

live discussion

The topic sparked a lot of reactions. Some elected officials, such as Sylvie Boubard Gardy, were elected to the membership Loroux-Bottereauthey said they are concerned about the reaction of the population, given the “unremarkable” increase and the fact that “this part of the population is experiencing financial hardship”.

Like Pascal Evin, Mayor LA REGRIPPERMany have pointed out that “the environment has a cost, and we have to accept it.”

Reference was also made to the “profits of manufacturers” who continue to produce “overpacked products”.

Consumption patterns geared towards “single use, all disposable.” The responsibility of “e-commerce” in the waste explosion was also touched upon.

Just like the fear of seeing “a wild sediment boom”.

and the need to revise our “way of consumption” which “no longer makes sense”.

We used a completely disposable system, not recyclable. We should no longer talk about waste, but about materials. »

Selected from Loroux-Bottereau

An item that will be of better value tomorrow.

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