Savings: Profitable and Useful Investments When You’re Young

Often there is limited income, little or no capital, sometimes limited financial knowledge… There are many obstacles to creating savings for young working people. But now it can be easily beaten, provided, of course, that you bet on the right investments and keep your cool. This is especially possible with the Lydia app, which now has a wide range of tools to save regularly. “We offer sub-accounts that allow you to distribute your savings according to several goals, an interest-free and risk-free savings account in which funds are immediately available and active savings, a solution that allows you to invest in the stock market, in cryptocurrencies or precious metals, from 1 euro”, he lists Antoine Porte, co-founder of Fintech, first guest at “Grand rendez-vous de l’épargne” (Capital / Radio Patrimoine).

Like Lydia, many innovative apps have emerged in recent years. Some bet around to save painlessly and be able to build a very useful kitten for their medium or long-term projects. Others offer the possibility of retaining on a regular basis, from 5 to 10 euros per month, while providing young savers with all the services of a real bank. “At Helios, several small tools allow you to manage all your accounts in the same place. We offer a current account and a recent account as well as a joint account, which is a very effective tool for joint life projects. And our offering is complemented by a savings account, Leveret Avenir, explains Meva Courtois, CEO and co-founder of the new bank.

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Understand your investment

Saving and investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency … These projects are becoming increasingly attractive to young people. But this audience is not only interested in wages. For many, their savings should make sense. This is the DNA of Helios, whose peculiarity lies in “cleaning our money,” explains Meva Courtois. Customers rarely ask themselves what the banker is doing with their money. We bring transparency into banking products, with a list – in the app and on our website – of all funded projects. We ensure that not a single euro is allocated to finance companies and projects that are a threat to the climate, biodiversity and people”, promises the leader.

Contrary to popular belief, a beneficial and responsible investment is no less profitable. “It is even more efficient in the long run,” Maeva Courtois slide. But in order not to risk seeing your stake fade away, an indispensable condition: give yourself time for yourself and the financial markets, to make your investment successful. “You have to trust the financing company,” adds Antoine Porte. In other words, don’t leave the ship once the sea is rough.

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Co-investment solution to become an owner

Wealth building also occurs, and in large part, through home ownership. However, for young people living in big cities, “it’s a real obstacle course,” notes Saskia Wiesel, co-founder of Virgil, a Fintech company that offers a revolutionary solution. To allow potential buyers not to limit their requirements (size, location, balconies, etc.), the company participates in an investment of 10% of the amount of the property, within 100,000 euros. Upon reselling the property, within 10 years, Virgil is compensated by taking 15% of the transaction, without intervening at any time, such as a dormant co-owner. A mechanism that appeals to many young people, especially since the service is very comprehensive: “We support customers throughout the process. There is a specialist by your side, from thinking of the project to handing over the keys, including finding an offer at the right price and getting financing.”

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Invest safely

But for young people who want to grab and monopolize their savings right now, the stone is far from the ideal investment. For our guests, only savings accounts respond to this problem. “Or ETFs (trackers, editor’s note), which are not very volatile and very safe,” suggests Lydia co-founder Antoine Porte. For greater profitability, forget about liquidity but don’t overlook the risks involved in investing in the stock market, and in companies in general. An avoidable quandary with Helios’ next product, a selection of eco-friendly projects that bank customers can invest in for a high pay, all paired with Livret Avenir, for added security.

Security is specifically one of the frequently asked questions about apps intended for the general public. The fear felt by Antoine Portet is very reassuring, both in terms of securing data and money. Thus, the capital placed on Lydia pots is “stored in the apartheid account at BNP Paribas,” assures the director. Applications are “framed and monitored in the same way and with the same rigor as the big banks”. Safeguards that must not prevent users of these applications from being careful not to disclose their personal information. Because in terms of security, like investing, your main enemy is you.

Crush / Hustle Pierre Sabatier

Like every month, Pierre Sabatier, Primeview’s president, talks about his good and bad points. It is the US government and its “political policy which involves very high tension in the financial markets” that is collecting the economist’s buzz. For the latter, it is the executive, through its rampant public support, that is the origin of the excess consumption and inflation accelerating across the Atlantic.

His preference is attributed to active management in financial markets. Welcoming the “birth of choice”, the expert appreciates the fact that it has begun to pay off again in the face of active management in recent weeks.

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Section “This Matters to You”

Finally, the experts from the Great Savings Meeting answer your questions in the This Matters to You sequence. This month, Paris notary Natalie Cozigo Sahs enlightens the reader who wants to make sure his very large payments for his life insurance don’t risk re-qualification as a donation by the tax authorities. Next, Charlotte Thamer, a consulting director at Yomoni, explains whether Article 83 can be liquidated with capital, rather than an annuity. Finally, Stephan Absolu, Associate Director of Pyxis Conseil, details methods for enforcing traditional severance pay.

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