Sébastien Chaillou displays his colorful works in the museum and in the city center of Argent-sur-Sauldre

Sebastien Chaillot presented about thirty of his works during the exhibition that he has held since last weekend at the Métiers-Dantin Museum in Argent-sur-Solder.

This artist, now residing in Indre-et-Loire, spent part of his life in Aubigny-sur-Nère and maintained his relations with S Cologne. And wherever he went, Sebastian Chaillot has always maintained this connection with painting. An activity he started at the age of 14: “I started with gouache, then moved on to acrylic to finally specialize in oil painting. I think it’s the material that suits me best.”

After taking courses at Beaux-Arts de Blois (Loir-et-Cher), Sébastien Chaillou gradually developed his style which is a mixture of different influences such as Cubism, Symbolism or Dada. He exhibited his works in many places in France and even abroad.

Mix of different effects

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His passion for drawing developed in parallel with his job as an engineer. Sebastien Chaillot admits that he was inspired by the style of Pablo Picasso and that of Henri Matisse. And as anyone who looks at his paintings can see, the artist knows how to accentuate colors: “My drawing is perfectly organized by working on shapes and gradually introducing touches of color to my paintings. I attach great importance to the harmony of colors, which gives painting a universal profession. There will be primary colors And secondary, it will give a little “pip.” »

The health crisis and the various cases of confinement that resulted in it had repercussions on the work of Sebastian Chaillot: “Two years ago, my actions were much clearer. I think it expresses something related to Covid, the desire to get out.”Works on display in the city

The painter from Indre-et-Loire breathes a whimsical side into his work. And he does not hesitate to take famous works such as the Mona Lisa painting In particular, to review it in its own way. “The aim of this exhibition is for people to be able to think, express their opinions and make their own decisions.”

To make the public want to come and enjoy the works on display in the museum, a road was created in the heart of downtown with prints of ten works. Stephen Border, (Deputy Mayor of Argins sur Solder in charge of culture, note from the editor) He had the idea of ​​organizing a double exhibition in order to bring some work to the city center, says Sebastian Cello. The works on display in the open air were selected by the municipal council. »

Sebastian Chaillot’s paintings can be seen in the museum and downtown until July 17.

Fuchiron clouds

Museum exhibition. Sébastien Chaillou displays about thirty colorful works at the Museum of Commerce last year, in Argent-sur-Sauldre, until July 17. Free entry Wednesday through Sunday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Contact by phone at or by e-mail at: musee@argentsursauldre.fr
Works in the city. Ten of them have been printed and permanently displayed in downtown Argent-sur-Solder, also through July 17. A route has been prepared for its monitoring.

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