Sen et al. Marne. Boost for business revitalization in Nemours

The main task of the MCVAIC competition is to permanently install merchants and craftsmen in the city center (© DR)

” that it Great precedent for Tiger City (Seine-et-Marne) selected for the programme. It is even the first time a city in Seine-et-Marne and the only city in Ile-de-France has been selected for 2022”, rejoices Valérie Lacrute before adding: “This program should be an accelerator and a dedicated support for project leaders, shop owners and artisans in the city centre.” Auxilia, a consulting firm in transition, is responsible.This attraction to spirituality is not new to Auxilia Conseil, as they have been supporting rural areas for more than 20 years in strategies for mobility, energy climate, food and economic development. Dozens of cities have already been selected For the 2023 promotion.

In partnership with the city through Action Cœur de Ville and local players, they support merchants, artisans and project leaders to enrich their ideas through meetings with the entire local ecosystem. “ Compensate for trade vacancies, attract and motivate promoters for trade-related projectsThe mayor explained, that uniting the living forces of the territory around a strategic topic, creating an event and supporting activities in the city center, and making citizens consumers, are the main axes.

Program schedule

The program is divided into five phases, including its highlight: the MCVAIC competition. This is a 36-hour creative marathon where participants as a team will reconsider all phases of the business plan. The event is also a special moment to meet with local actors (support experts, elected officials, owners of vacant homes, etc.) who are interested in the success and sustainability of the project. “An immersive journey that leads participants to question the opportunity, the feasibility of their project, to rethink it in light of changes in society, work on its bad reputation and confront it with consumers,” explains Oxelia, the following observation: “Since the 1960s, commerce has developed mainly in the surrounding commercial areas It is particularly alarming that medium-sized cities sometimes push the model to its limits.Almost everywhere in France, the proliferation of shopping mall openings has led to a decline in downtown businesses.

The French make an average of 28 online purchases per year, totaling €2,000 per household. This trend is accelerating and the response from downtown merchants and artisans is long overdue. Actually, This booming industry is growing at an average annual rate of 15%. In this context, we have observed over the years an alarming increase in commercial vacancies in the centers of small and medium-sized French cities. However, the city center is fertile ground, creating social connections capable of responding to economic, social and environmental crises across the country. If elected representatives of medium-sized cities revitalize city centers and their businesses, they have a future. In 3 and a half days, participants build their business in direct contact with all relevant stakeholders thanks to the methods used by the most innovative startups.

A transaction of 20,000 euros

After a meeting in Nemours City Hall to present the project, the timing of this program was started: at the end of June the audience will be contacted and the dates of September 22 and 23, 2022 are kept in order to progress and organize the work plan for each project leader, which will be between 8 and 12. At a cost of 20000 EUR, this half project is carried out between the Bank of Territories, the municipality and the local partners: banks, artisans responded, chamber trade, commerce, Pôle emploi and the association of merchants, and will offer their expertise in support and advice.

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