Sépaq camping in the heart of nature

7,200 playgrounds, 23 national parks, 13 wildlife reserves

Over the years, Sépaq has adapted to the market to come up with camping facilities that can accommodate all kinds of equipment. (Sepak photos)

Through its network of wildlife reserves and national parks, Sépaq offers many possibilities that have one thing in common: tranquility in the heart of nature.

“Across our network of 23 national parks, 13 wildlife reserves, and tourist facilities, we have more than 7,200 sites,” explains director of media relations Simon Boivin. This figure includes rural camps, without services, those that provide one, two or three services. Except for Miguasha, Mont Saint-Bruno, Bonaventure Island, and Rocher Percé parks, there are locations all over the network. For wildlife sanctuaries, only Chic-Chocs Sanctuary does not have a camping site. These are very few places where you can pitch your tent or set up your own camping unit. »

Unknown to many enthusiasts, wildlife sanctuary camps have been discovered and appreciated by many over the past couple of years.

“Camping enthusiasts thought a little less in the past about wildlife sanctuaries as a camping destination. Over the past couple of years, as the pandemic and outdoor destinations have grown exponentially, many enthusiasts have discovered wildlife sanctuary camp sites. Yes, there is always the potential for hunting, but there is also Wilder and quieter feel and more space at the camping sites in the reserves It has many beautiful bodies of water that offer sandy beaches with the possibility of practicing marine activities such as canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding etc. The scenery is really very beautiful, if we think of Lake Normand in the Saint-Maurice Reserve La Vérendrie Wildlife Sanctuary has more than 1,200 camping sites. Also, in this reserve, in the Baie des Sables camp, we have set up sites large enough for people to bring their boat with them. Depending on people’s choice, they may find sites without service Or it has one or two services.”

All kinds of equipment

Over the years, Sépaq has adapted to the market to come up with camping facilities that can accommodate all kinds of equipment.

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“All types of caravans can find a site in the reserve,” explains Mr. Boivin. Oftentimes, the pitches will be larger. There are many locations that can accommodate large recreational vehicles without problems. So our campsites are not only for those who love tent camping, but also for the RV enthusiast. »

If we take a look at the available sites, and subtract rural camping sites, we’re left with 7,067 sites for different types of equipment.

Here are the numbers by class: Truck with trailer installed 5564, for units less than six meters (20 ft) 4488, for those less than 8 meters (25 ft) 3,935, for units less than 9 meters (30 ft) 3,224 coming. Accessible locations for units less than 12 meters (40) feet, with 2526 and finally for units over 12 meters or 40 feet and more, there are 1,311 locations available.

ready for camp

If you want to have a camping experience and don’t have any equipment, you can always opt for ready-made camping units.

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“In many wildlife reserves there are Étoile units ready for camping, a concept developed here. It is a kind of hybrid between tent and cabin that caters to people who want to live the experience of camping in the woods, without the need to set up and lower their tent or even purchase all the equipment Everything is there to ensure that you have a comfortable stay.”

Also, in the network of parks, contrary to what many believe, there is room for campers of all categories.

“We have many parks like Yamaska ​​Park and Mont-Tremblant Park, where there are a good percentage of sites that can accommodate large vehicles, up to 45 feet. Sure, the majority of sites aren’t that kind. Also, you can go to the national park. To enjoy activities at all levels. For example, there are easy hiking trails, which will allow enthusiasts to discover the nature of the park. Parks such as Yamaska ​​Park offer swimming activities and more. Really, if people check the network, they will find the destination that suits them.”

To find out all about availability and activities, you can visit the website www.sepaq.com.

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