SKEMA is at the forefront of future topics – SKEMA Business School

When SKEMA was founded in 2009, the ambition was clear: to create a major player in French and European higher education, a group with significant resources and strong development potential. Today, the betting is successful! Sixth in the SIGEM 2021 ranking, SKEMA Business School is one of the rising stars of French higher education.

SKEMA: “Glocal” program

The school’s first strong point: fully international courses thanks to universities in the US (Raleigh), Brazil (Belo Horizonte), South Africa (Stellenbosch) and China (Suzhou). Patrice Howdyer, Vice President in charge of Programs, International Affairs and Student Life explains, “These facilities we have allow our students to study around the world semester by semester. During these trips, they will follow the unique naturalized SKEMA program according to the characteristics of the host country. The so-called GLOCAL program which is Global and local contraction.This is the whole principle of a “6×6” cycle – 6 semesters, 6 campuses – with unique post-integration terms, such as the possibility offered to students who have completed their studies in Raleigh to automatically obtain a one-year work permit in the United States, Sesame is often sought after by students after a year spent across the Atlantic.These courses will also be available without additional tuition fees.

cross training

Another strong point of SKEMA is the strong “hybridization” of its training. In addition to the basics of management, the school makes it possible to approach a large number of complementary skills, particularly through double and triple degrees. For example, the course in Administrative and Commercial Law with the Littoral Côte d’Opale or even three engineer and manager diplomas has been completed with ESIEA, Cesi and ITEEM – a course developed with Centrale Lille. “Other types of collaborations,” continues Patrice Houdair, an agreement with New York University as part of the MSC Global Luxury and Management Program, or the Digital Marketing, Business and Leisure Management Program with UCLA. »

SKEMA has also opened two boarding schools, one dedicated to law and one to artificial intelligence, which waters PGE lessons and supports third-year majors. SKEMA has finally announced that a School of Geopolitics will soon be established (square).

Improving the Learner Experience

Another prominent argument in the SKEMA discourse is the desire to improve the learner’s experience, in other words to provide students with the best possible learning experience. Natalie Hector, Director of Innovation and Learner Experience explains: “First of all we do educational work, in order to develop the most attractive courses possible, in particular, with audio, video and other connected equipment conducive to the most immersive course setting. But our desire is to Also to facilitate the entire student experience.Among the many initiatives, implementing a mobile application by September to support students in international mobility on a daily basis.

SKEMA Transitions: a “pivot” in the service of the comprehensive transformation of the school

Finally, a few weeks ago the foundation announced the launch of a new structure, SKEMA Transitions, to make its environmental, economic and social development more realistic. “Our goal will be to provide the necessary resources for the school to be successful in its transition, CEO Yoann Güntzburger explains. But we will also support initiatives such as the Hackathon at the start of the year that focus on higher education in transition or developing a transition path, so that by 2025, all Masters students have received minimal education in this field A transitional platform will finally be launched to make educational, scientific and operational resources available to support students, educators and researchers in this broad subject.

New school of geopolitics

Announced last March, the new SKEMA School of Geopolitics has been announced, with a desire to institutionalize the subject. This new structure will have several goals. According to Frédéric Meunier, its Director and Professor of Geopolitics at SKEMA: “We will intervene according to three principles: Jetting, Orienting and Impacting. INFOS because soon all SKEMA training courses will include awareness of geopolitics, with certification in the field. Educate because we also intend to offer real courses dedicated to geography Political. The disciplines that we will build in collaboration with a future Parisian university partner. Impact because this school will allow our specialists to speak publicly in the public sphere, together with, of course, the SKEMA Publika research center.”

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