Small Business Quote: Form and Legal Notices

Quotes are an integral part of the everyday life of small entrepreneurs, which is necessary to keep accurate calculations, but also to protect themselves in the event of a conflict. But is it always mandatory? What legal notices must appear on micro-enterprise quotations? What happens once you sign the citation? We have included for you all the useful information related to quotes in our small project framework.

Are citations mandatory for self-entrepreneurs?

Since the Hamon Law of March 17, 2014 relating to consumption, the prices should be settable based on the customer’s request, “When the price cannot reasonably be calculated in advance due to the nature of the good or service”. Independent entrepreneurs care about this commitment, and should place bids if necessary.

Create a mandatory quotation in the following cases:

  • If the customer requests it,
  • For any service valued at more than 1,500 euros,
  • For any business, repair or troubleshooting service of more than 150€,
  • For any service provided to the person estimated at €100 including tax or more,
  • For all transportation services.

Attention, in the event of an error or lack of information regarding the price of the service in the estimate, you expose yourself to an administrative fine. The latter can be up to 3,000 euros for a natural person, and up to 15,000 euros for a legal person.

You may not be charged for quotations as required by law. If you think that your estimate cannot be free (travel, in-depth study, etc.), you must notify your customer and indicate the price for this service.

Legal notices that must appear on quotes

Mandatory legal notifications of quotations from small enterprises are very similar to those imposed on invoices. Here is a list of information to remember about your bids:

Information about the small project and the client

  • Surname and first name of the small business entrepreneur,
  • small project title,
  • billing address,
  • SIRET or SIREN number for the small project (or mention Customizing Sirens » if the company has just been created),
  • RCS number for merchants, RM number for craftsmen, or male Excluded from RCS and RM registration for liberal professions,
  • The name of the company or the name of the client,
  • Customer’s address (unless otherwise indicated by the Customer),
  • The customer’s company’s SIRET or SIREN number.

same quote

  • point out pricing” where “Offer Price”And the
  • unique quote number,
  • citation release date,

Description of the goods or services that were evaluated

  • An accurate description of all goods or services offered,
  • accurate quantity for each good or service,
  • unit price,
  • The total amount to be paid excluding VAT, and any advance payments,
  • travel costs if necessary,
  • terms of payment, delivery and performance of the service,
  • Terms related to any complaints,
  • After-sales service terms.

Other mandatory information

  • point out Free quote or quote the price,
  • offer validity period,
  • handwritten sign Good for approval. Quote received before performing the service, read and acceptdated and signed by the customer,
  • handwritten sign READ AND AGREEMENTdated and signed by the owner of the small business.

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Website quote: What are the obligations?

It is important to know that a quote is a legal contract. It engages your own company and obligates you to carry out all the detailed services if they are accepted. However, the customer is not obligated to sign it, and the obligation is formed only when “good to agree” It was officially signed by both parties. If you need to change the quotation after submitting it, you will need to write an appendix to the quotation.

Please note that the estimate does not replace the invoice. In fact, you still have to submit your invoice once the service has been made, indicating the corresponding estimate number.

Once signed, the estimate acts as a contract, and can serve as evidence in the event of a dispute over unpaid bills. Prices can no longer be disputed once prices are set. For invoices, it is necessary to make two copies for each estimate: one for you and one for the customer. They must be kept for at least 5 years (because they are considered contracts).

Free form provided by URSSAF

In order not to forget any obligatory mention, URSSAF offers a free estimate form intended for freelancers. It is customizable, and each field indicates the necessary information. Available in XLSX (Microsoft Excel) format, it can be opened or modified from any spreadsheet program: LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc, Google Sheets, etc.

You can download it directly from the official URSSAF website. Please note that the download starts automatically when you click on the link. The file you get is named citation model.

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