Some ways to find your “balance”

At 7:30 a.m., toasts are rolled out for the younger kids, and you can look at the customer’s email sent two hours earlier. 11:00 am, a call from the school invites you to leave the meeting with the funders in a hurry … 7:30 pm, the phone is still off. Your laptop sits on the living room table while water for pasta boils, like your brain flows. This is what “real” life looks like to many of us: it overflows, it crashes, it’s even disoriented. The blurring of the boundaries between professional life and personal life has become understandable: “blackening”. And businessmen are no exception, they often face a race against time at work.

“It’s a utopia to think we can leave our professional life at work and our personal life at homeMaren Sharer, co-founder of Politopolistart Specializes in the research, characterization and regulation of the supply of recycled polymer resins.This retail injunction does not work. This is even more true when you have children. In fact, I prefer the idea of ​​adapting to the idea of ​​balance…because the life of the company is changing. »

Be clear in your vision for professional and personal life

What do I need to be happy personally and professionally? By answering that question, Marine Charrier, 28, outlined her two main ambitions: to have a family life and a stimulating career as an entrepreneur. ” Let’s be clear, an entrepreneur devotes a lot of time to his work, “ The head of the company confirms. “We must put an end to the myth of the super-powerful entrepreneur who drives everything from the front. I made the decision to give up everything that is not necessary for me. My frugal approach to life has helped me ask for everything. But it is a reflection that must be done from the beginning, either alone or With those close to you. Having a directional plan and how to reach it is essential to me.”

For Patrick Jacquemin, founder of commerce site Rue du, this balance between “pro and personal” It clearly stems from each person’s life philosophy. “Rue du Commerce was not a long-term life plan”, Report of the person who left the leading e-commerce site in 2009. “It has always seemed to me that dedicating one’s life to work is an aberration. I wanted to free myself of this obligation by setting up a company before reselling it and having enough money to live that freedom. A vision that took hard work, but it shouldn’t stop me from spending Vacation with my family.”

Don’t stay the only master on board

To link or not to link? Here is the question… that Patrick Jackmin asked himself: to me Establishing Commerce Street, I quickly knew that I didn’t want to be the one who got everything signed.” In other words, you need to be able to share responsibilities.

The former entrepreneur readily admits that finding the right partner can be a daunting task. But that’s what he was allowed to do “to construct [son] company, to take vacations and face the vicissitudes of life.”

For some, being an entrepreneur also means staying in control of your time and being able to free yourself from 4:30 p.m. to your kids or your passion, before getting back to work at 9 p.m.! “I used this kind of organization after the divorce when I applied for joint custody of my children,” Patrick Jackmin testifies who recalls that his company has just gone through a social plan. Nothing is impossible provided the conscript to delegate! “.

Entrepreneurship means navigating between operations, management, and strategy… Once a company has more than five employees, you need to think about delegation before you run out of energy. “How many entrepreneurs deal with time-consuming tasks such as management outside of business hours? It follows the e-commerce pioneer, who has always relied on recruiting what he calls “resource owners” to take on the job.

Take care of your appointments

There comes a time when you have to divide tasks, stabilize and delegate,” Actually adds Marine Charrier. “My partner and I ended up hiring an executive assistant who eases us into management and has an analytical view of things. He has become a reliable person who has changed our daily lives!”

For business manager, bad hiring Still the best way to sink his chest. “You have to be able to count on people who have that spirit within entrepreneurship and attach importance to soft skills.”

Accept moments of imbalance

Mourning, illness, love at first sight, fundraising, decline in activity, health crisis … not everything can be expected. A close-knit team, a listening family, and a will are not always enough. To overcome periods of instability, Patrick Jackmin has always tried to take a step back: It occurred to us, with my partner, to agree to take some time and isolate ourselves for ten days to work on a new strategy. » Above all, emphasizes the founder Politopoly, which he claims is far from being typical,” IYou have to accept the moments of imbalance. Starting a startup is running a marathon at a sprint pace. Baffle fundraiser. Entrepreneurship means constantly adapting to stay on track with your ambitions, whether professional or personal. »

To reconcile professional and personal life, then, there is no miracle recipe, especially since the balance depends on the needs of each. Career coach and author of “The Working Mother”, Bérangère Touchemann also recommends a whole series of little tips that can help you step back and accept the ups and downs of Action: separation, time for oneself, a healthy lifestyle, the ability to refuse and … review one’s demands on oneself. Knowing that the first step towards a better balance between these two highly absorbing worlds, the expert stresses, is first and foremost to stop feeling guilty, when one does not excel in one and the other, in a whole Instagrammable chemistry, yes, but rarely real.

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