Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera, the “good student” is already under pressure

After the chaos, she, as in her old life, had to go up to Grid. The Minister of Sports and Olympic Games, Amelie Odea Castera, has found herself pushed to the front line since the failure to organize the European Football Grand Final on Saturday night in Saint-Denis. “With the Minister of the Interior, we regret the events that marred Saturday evening in the Champions League at the Stade de France and we regret that some fans with tickets were unable to attend the match,” she rudely explained in the statement on Sunday.

The former tennis player tried to provide more answers on RTL Monday morning, before bringing together match organizers, police and local authorities in her department to “draw lessons” from Saturday’s disaster. Press conference in a step, like a baptism of fire for those who entered the media political scene just a few days ago.

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“She is the girl who does everything well, thinks well, but never gets out of the way.”

Ahead of her first cabinet last Monday, Amelie Odea Castera revealed on Twitter her daily sports session to keep up. A little bit of cycling and some abs. “Start your day with 30 minutes of exercise: good for body and mind!” She said. A reference to her previous life as a high-profile sport. On the court, the Paris-born youngster won three French championships between 1990 and 1996, a world championship in 1992, and reached the semi-finals of three major junior tournaments, including Roland Garros.

Before leaving everything in June 1996, he was only 18 years old. She later said that she did not want to “sacrifice” her career, and was probably also aware of her inability to reach the tops of world tennis (her top ranking was French 18 and WTA No. 251). After a final defeat, in the doubles with the champion Amelie Mauresmo, the other Amelie decided to tick all the boxes in the honorary course of Macaroni: Sciences Po, Issyk and Inna in the famous Promo Senghor (2002-04), touching her shoulders. Emmanuel Macron. Some describe the student as “solar and enthusiastic,” while others are more critical. “She’s the prototype of a good student, very hard working, the kind who is ‘better’ after being stuck at her desk. She’s the girl who does everything right, who thinks right, but never goes out of her way. An ambitious apolitical woman.” , odorless and tasteless,” he stings one of his former comrades.

“At the French Tennis Federation, they’ll all tell you it’s exceptional”

After several years in the State Audit Bureau, I worked in the private sector, mainly with the insurance company Axa, and then Carrefour as an e-commerce manager. Then she returned to sports, attracted in circles of thought, and did not move away from the world of politics. The Rénovons le sport français was created in 2016 to promote ethical issues and “sports for all”, and then applied for the general management of the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympics. It finally joined the Tennis Federation in March 2021, after the election of Gilles Moreton as its president, and soon became necessary.

“In the FFT they will all tell you that she is exceptional, that she was a Stakhanovist, never stops working and perfectly masters her files, that’s right. But everyone also knows that many decisions were made according to Emmanuel Macron’s political line ”, breathes a good expert of the Federation. Because the former tennis player maintained relations with her former classmate. In mid-June 2021, it was the Elysee and Matignon who obtained an exception to the 11 pm curfew so that spectators could watch the endless duel between Rafael Nadal and Novak to the end. Djokovic in the Roland Garros half.

“She has a totally crazy background, but she doesn’t know how to deal with the unexpected”

In 2017, an already ambitious anarchist tried to push his pawns to acquire the Ministry of Sports and put his XXXX ideas to fruition to no avail. “I was not a known mathematician, nor of variety, I did not tick any boxes,” she justified without nonsense in Point. Moreover, I was the wife of a banker. Our time is so strange that no doubt it would have given ammunition to those who see evil everywhere.” Five years later, having worked in the sports program of the presidential candidate, she was satisfied. At the head of Société Générale for 14 years, her husband Frédéric Oudéa made sure On indicating that he would not be a candidate to succeed him in 2023, at the end of his term, a sports official told AFP after his appointment, “She is recovering quickly, she is smart and knows how to surround herself.” in 2024.

“Amelie is a woman with a totally insane background, but also someone who doesn’t know how to manage the unexpected,” a close friend of FFT confirms. She is so powerful when you master everything, when you expect everything and she is the one who will give a boost. But once something happens you can’t control it. On it, it gets complicated. So I’m not surprised by what’s been going on since Saturday.” Amelie Odea Castera was criticized a lot by the opposition since the Stade de France events, and he remained on the same line, accusing Liverpool FC, accusing him of “leaving his supporters in the wild.” She also tried to reassure by noting that France was already “capable of organizing major sporting events” ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics. For her second week in the ministry, the minister will discover the joys of senators on Wednesday, during a private hearing, in the company of his colleague from Interior Gerald Darmanen.

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