State of Play PS4 PS5: Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter – All PlayStation Conference games

news State of Play PS4 PS5: Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter – All PlayStation Conference games

PlayStation came out of nowhere to unlock the ball for the E3 period, and yesterday, Thursday night, June 2 through Friday, June 3, it revealed a new version of State of Play. The manufacturer had already sold the Fuse quite a bit, with games from its partners as well as PSVR 2 projects. So what was hiding behind these few words? Did we get any surprises? Don’t move, it’s time for the big recap. Here is all the information you need to know.

Look above, in autoplay, for the trailer announcing the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil, PSVR: A Great Introduction

The least we can say is that PlayStation hasn’t gone out of its way to start the state of play. It’s pretty simple, as an introduction, we were able to discover the first images of the Resident Evil 4 remake with a release date as a bonus: March 24, 2023. Anyway on PS5, the only platform mentioned at the moment. What put an end to many rumors. Yes, the famous Leon Kennedy will return to save Ashley. The two heroes have also been the subject of an extensive Capcom facelift — and the same can be said of the visuals and atmosphere, here grimmer than ever, in the Resident Evil Village tradition. The icing on the cake, this redesign will have the rights to PSVR 2 virtual reality content. Regarding that last point, no date has been given at the moment.

This time around (Resident Evil 4, editor’s note) has been developed to reach the pinnacle of its art for survival horror in the year 2023, while maintaining the essence of the original game. Our goal is to make the game familiar to fans of the series, while giving it a new twist. This is done by reimagining the story while maintaining the essence of its direction, updating the graphics and updating the controls – Capcom (PlayStation Blog)

As long as we’re talking about Resident Evil Village and virtual reality, yes (as you see it coming) the latest installment of the popular horror series will arrive on PSVR 2. However, we never know when. After all, the headset itself does not have a release date, although we don’t see it arriving until next year. Anyway, you can finally embody more than one reason for Ethan Winters in his latest adventures. The trailer was an opportunity to watch a lot of battles, with the possibility of Hold a gun in each hand. For example: “Shooting your gun while holding a knife in the other, or holding a pistol in one hand and a gun in the other” can be learned from PlayStation Blog. Note that the gameplay offered does not at all betray the visual ambitions of the console version. good news!

This is also the same note for Horizon Call of the Mountain, arrived here thanks to a new trailer, still going strong on a technical level. A chance to learn that you will play as Ryas, an ex-Carja warrior who intends to redeem himself by investigating an alien threat. The phrase “He’s an expert in rock climbing and archery” can be read at PlayStation Blog. Very practical because this virtual reality looks a lot Bet on vertical tracks, a bit like The Climb. “Throughout your journey, you will master tools and weapons (…) but you will not do it alone. Along the way, you will meet new and old Horizon heroes, including Aloy herself.” It won’t be much to fight the many machines waiting for you. Finally, Guerrilla has taken the opportunity to announce a free update to Horizon Forbidden West, available immediately. Including: New Game+, Extremely Hard Mode, Enhanced Performance Mode.

Other VR Games Ads:

  • No Man’s Sky : Enhanced version for PSVR 2 (no release date yet)
  • Saints and Walking Dead Sinners 2: Retribution (PSVR: Late 2022, PSVR 2: 2023)

Horizon Call of the Mountain – New gameplay trailer

Final Fantasy Street Fighter: The Third Choice

We continue with the other ads that hit hard. On the sidelines of the surprise PC release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (August 12, 2022) as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Fall 2022), we tackled two big blockbusters: Final Fantasy XVI – the show’s finale – and Street Fighter 6. The first was no news for two years while the second was previously contented with a simple advertisement with a teaser. Yes, as far as the two licenses were to be expected. What else did we learn? As for the RPG from Square Enix, it’s an edit window first, Summer 2023 on PS5. The trailer itself gives a good overview of the battles, dynamics, and summoning of “Primordials”. A post on the PlayStation Blog explains how these massive creatures relate to two main characters. The chance to learn from the game director that the title is in a “from start to finish” playable state, even if there are still plenty of things to improve.

With the power of PlayStation 5 behind us, we seek to take you on a smooth, story-based journey that rivals the most exciting rollercoasters. So wait, the wait is almost over – FFXVI product

But among these two, Street Fighter 6 surprised the most. The already popular fighting game will welcome a big new: Open areas to exploreJust that! These will be at the heart of the World Tour mode, which will lead players to “leave their legacy” in this new opus. PlayStation Blog. In the presentation, the whole thing looks like a kind of pivot meant to connect two fights. We will also find a “Battle Hub”, which, in addition to offering online matches, will give prominence to “unique means” of investment and communication. Of course, all the classic modes will be present (training, local battles, Arcade mode, etc.). In general, we can clearly see Capcom’s desire to modernize the franchise. Note in the passage that Street Fighter 6 runs on the RE Engine, the very good engine that Resident Evil uses. This explains the appearance of the heroes!

Street Fighter 6 – New Condition Trailer Playable

Stray, Callisto Protocol: Nice Surprises

You know what they say: Good news doesn’t come alone. After the big licenses, why not leave room for newcomers? Well, this state of play was an opportunity to get news of a certain Calisto Protocol, survival horror from the creators of Dead Space. What the first video discovers of is gameplay, with an atmosphere at least as creepy as its very close cousin. The least we can say is that it holds up. So we are very much looking forward to it shiver – again – in spaceMore precisely, the dead moon of Jupiter. The hero, Jacob Lee, will have to stuff himself with an army of mutants to get out of an abandoned prison. Release: December 2, 2022, on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

A little sweetness in a world of savages to make up for it? We finally bring the history of Stray, the popular adventure game with robots and pôtichat, which was revealed nearly two years ago. The adventure will begin July 19 on PS4 and PS5. And a good surprise, the game will join the catalog of new PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium as soon as it is released. So there is no excuse not to take advantage of it next month. For more color always, we can finally mention the season release date, which promises to be a nice journey through cities, nature and colors (standalone 2022 on PS4 and PS5) but also the arrival of Tunic hitting PlayStation on September 27. So yeah, no god of war in the end, but it’s hard to be disappointed with this state of play.

Other announced games:

  • eternity : Mix of dating, action, and sci-fi settings (early 2023, PS5)
  • Rollerdom : Arena Action with Rollerblades and Guns (August 16, PS4/PS5)

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