Steele Saint-Etienne: here is the list of stores

Steel in Saint-Etienne is the new regional shopping center and a must-see shopping and entertainment center where you can shop with your family. To get to know Steele well, here is the list of stores.

41 degrees A fast food restaurant that focuses on high-quality Italian flavours.

to mer preti : Sweet pancakes and pancakes, savory pancakes or giant salads, all set in the world of Rock’n Roll will seduce the hearts of Stéphanois!

a jobn: Do you also like original and practical products? Let yourself be surprised by the wide and varied assortment containing no less than 6000 products in 14 different categories at Action Steel Saint-Etienne.

Alex boutique: ALIX Maroquinier is a family business established by Pierre Alex in 1986 and today run by his daughters Marie and Maude.

Aquafilo: Discover a new fitness regimen that has the effect of burning calories, losing weight, eliminating cellulite and eliminating toxins, while at the same time smoothing your body.

Basic fit: Basic-Fit is the European market leader in “good value for money” fitness.

basil: Our pizzeria will be happy to welcome you to taste the highest quality and homemade products.

Bchef: It’s a casual, binge-centric quick café!

Bella Dance Studio: From beginner to competition, through performances and demos, our resolutely aspirational brand presents all current dance styles with professional teaching in a supercharged atmosphere!!!

Ben and Jerry : Basilico is a Neapolitan-style Trattoria, over wood fire and quality pizza, on the spot or for take away

Bison shoes: A large selection of shoes for men, women and children. In this store 1000m2. In Steele Saint-Etienne.

Bizzbee is Fashion (BZB): Wide range of fashionable clothes with easy access!

Blackstore: The field of fashion is multi-brand and multi-style where all tastes are allowed.

blue dragonfly: It was born from the desire to be able to offer individuals professional quality hairdressing and beauty products.

Baker : Multi-specialist in home equipment.

Captain Donut: A unique concept in France. 100% Stéphanois serving freshly baked cakes made by artisans in Saint-Etienne.

Outline : Motorsports clothing brands.

floor: Discover all collections of shoes at the best prices for women, men and children.

Columbus Café: Barista Columbus Café & Co in Steel welcomes you for a delicious holiday in a warm and friendly atmosphere!

Dallery: A wide range of leather goods, bags and accessories: handbags, small leather goods, bags, bags, shoes.

distributor: Clothes and shoes for all families, all ages, and all “irons” but always at low prices.

Malto Diploma: A place where beer culture mingles with the desire to spend time together. All-Italian beer and quality food, an atmosphere that brings friends, families and pint lovers together.

Deca: Large selection of sports equipment.

Easy criticism: France’s leading network for buying and selling used and refurbished products.

football area: Specializing in selling football items exclusively including a wide range dedicated to practitioners but also to fans.

F2 access: A collection of jewelry and accessories made in Italy.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Household products, toys, gadgets, arts and crafts, party supplies, sweets to share and more.

Frank Provost: Your own hairdressing salon in a relaxed atmosphere without forgetting the personal and smiling welcome! Hairdresser at Steel Saint-Etienne Shopping Centre.

Fresh burritos: Burritos, tacos, salads and chili are prepared by our team members under the watchful eye of a customer who can prepare their dish thanks to a wide range of ingredients.

Jimo: Clothes, shoes and accessories suitable for all tastes and all body types.

H&M: Find all directions for women, men, teens, children and home in St-Etienne.

Hyttens: We specialize in decorating your windows: custom blinds and blinds.

IDKids: A community of brands working for the well-being of children.

IT Trattoria: It is the story of the Calabrian family. Ira’s two brothers, Renato and Gio, who embarked on a catering adventure in 2014 with the main motive of sharing their love for good and beauty…and for Italy.

Jennifer: Ready to wear.

Day feast : Because life is an everyday party, Jour de Fête is always there to help you prepare your sweetest future memories.

Kiabi: Affordable fashion for the whole family.

Kidoto: Remote control car rental for children.

Baking workshop: Bakery, sandwich shop and fresh produce.

stefanoise casserole : Enjoy exceptional dishes in the friendly and gourmet brasserie in St-Etienne.

drilling gallery: Discount home equipment.

Le Clos Deville: Macaroon recipes, ice cream and chocolate.

Stop : booth of gourmet moments.

Leroy Marilyn: Do it yourself.

3 Brewers: Authentic cuisine in the spirit of old breweries, accompanied by unique beers made on site.

Dad’s burger: Meat (exclusively from Charolais and Limousin) minced every morning, homemade french fries, cut and twice cooked on site, bread delivered by our partner baker.

world house: 2000 new items per year for decoration.

mango: Very trendy clothes and accessories.

Maxi Zoo: More than 7,200 products for your pets.

Ministry Of Agriculture: Fashionable and urban women’s accessories

Old Wild West: If you want to sample giant burgers, beef ribs, tenderloin, grilled cockerel, barbecue ribs and delicious Texas dishes, head over to Old Wild West Restaurant in Steel!

Underdog: Ready-to-wear multi-brand trendy sportswear for men, women, and kids!

Bellow: Men love dressing as much as women do…so she has created her own multi-brand store of ready-to-wear for women and men, in fashion colors and streetwear!

prison island : It is an adventure game like Fort Boyard. 32 cells will provide physical, speed and reasoning tests. The goal is to get as many points as possible.

Promod: Clothes.

Steaken Shake: 100% Pure “VBF” Beef Steakburger Made to Order, Homemade French Fries and Traditional Milkshake The Recipe Hasn’t Changed Since 1934.

Seven squares Seven Squares, the largest entertainment center in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes invites you to discover its seven exceptional activities. Pleasures vary without moving! Come with family and friends and share an unforgettable moment.

visual style: Find a team of optometrists and audio orthoptists dedicated to helping you make the best selection of your glasses and hearing aids, to suit every budget.

Adhesive eye tape (TAO): Tape à l’oeil shopping tour, around the maternity, baby, girl and boy sections, to dress up all the original kids from 0 to 16 years old.

Green Escape Game: Discover your new complex The Green Escape Game!
Live a timeless experience that combines cooperation and a sense of humor.

Woko: Best Vietnamese Street Food: Fresh cuisine full of flavour, made to order. Travel in an instant to Steele Saint-Etienne!

Yogurt Factory Come and discover our irresistible toppings, delicate garnishes that give color to frozen yogurt. From Oreo, to the incomparable Strawberry Tagada, passing through the entire Smurf tribe, colorful Smarties and a whole host of fresh fruits, the selection of ‘toppings’ here remains unique, unusual, and totally anti-classic!

So is Sebaa, McDonald’s, Taco Street.


Digital Museum:

Once it opens, STEEL will welcome Micro-Folie, a The concept of edutainmentCoordinated by La Villette and implemented by the Ministry of Culture for the regions.

It is a digital museum that offers more than 1000 masterpieces come from bigger Institutions And the French museums. Wander through the alleys of the Palace of Versailles, go down the stairs of the Center Pompidou, and admire the most beautiful rooms of the Louvre… Travel Through time and more beautiful Artistic Achievements. A beautiful escape made possible by the giant screen and the latest generation of digital tablets and hold on tight, all for free.

Finally, Micro-Folie also offers specific edutainment content and animation for children and teachers.

Located in the Pavillon du Design, this unique concept allows you to make connections with cultural actors Land and above all, democratize its approach to as many people as possible.

STEEL above all a Unique visiting experience For all styles. Amidst this intensity of green, playful spaces invite us to physical activity as much as relaxation. Fountain with a play of lightand adventure play areas, work outAnd the trottiparkAnd the co-working spaces… you can even treat yourself with a small part of it betank Under the pine trees, before enjoying a well-deserved vacation terracethat is, whether everything has really been thought of for your happiness.

botanical garden

Along the corridors, spaces the trees, Bubbles of fun activities and artwork follow each other. thought like a space Invitation to call back temper naturethis is botanical garden 35000 square meters has more than 1,000 trees, 48,000 shrubs, and 36,000 plantss perennial plants. There is no doubt that the animal species of the area will come to nest there, play there, get lost and find themselves there.

Thus, STEEL offers the whole family a garden Green and rhythmic outside when inside mingles with dance, light and conviviality. Architectural atmosphere conducive to shopping pleasure and relaxation.

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