Stephane Plaza, a certain idea of ​​France real estate

In the crowded room, the audience laughs loudly at the slightest gag (not always so lightly), oh, oh! And aaahhhh! At every turn of the star’s roles… it feels like a team-building weekend for executives on the go. On stage, Stéphane Plaza is cheerful and does tons. And the public wants more.

For some people, this is the first time they have come to the stage He rejoices when we meet him. Since February, the M6 ​​animation star has been playing Laurent Ruquier’s “A Magical Couple” in Bouffes Parisiens. There’s no need to reveal the plot of the play, which is more like a one-man show than a theater classic. ” Yes, it is not root. I suppose ‘, Stéphane Plaza admits that he ridicules himself but is above all interested in his popular image.

But behind the facade of Media Zébulon, the kind host isn’t as foolish as he seems. In fact, nothing has been left to chance in the Plaza Connection building since it was spotted by M6 in 2005. I believe in my destiny, I’m a workaholic and I know where I’m going ‘, he suddenly admits that he’s getting serious again.

He was 35 years old when Reservoir Prod, who was looking for an atypical real estate expert for a show inspired by the American reality TV show “Sell this House,” spotted him on the Real Estate Show. The life of this child from a humble family – a professional cyclist father and a florist mother – rocks. ” I was fortunate that it happened to me at that age. I’m not sure I would have responded the same way ‘, he says today.

Attentive, engaged, humorous follower Schoolboy, the self-starter in 1987 at his cousin’s real estate agency with a legal title in his pocket, immediately appeals to viewers: the search for an apartment or house is such a success that the series has entrusted him with the reward of the year Next house for sale.

Programs, fiction, theater, magazine…

Because this insatiable work binds emissions. “I learn fast”, He laughs. Besides the two founding shows, he also presents what they have become, move or stay, better at home, apartment hunter … and on the radio, together with Les Grosses Têtes, hosts a Saturday morning real estate advice show on RTL and has just been created by Prisma Presse DIY / Decoration / Advisory magazine, “Bienvenue chez vous avec Stéphane Plaza”. We were about to forget the comics he was the hero.

At the same time, he went to a feature film for television, played in the theater … enough to build a solid image of a friendly and popular guy with a communicative dynamism. Even his legendary idiocy (he has dyslexia) brings him closer to people. ” My luck and main stroke is that I never wanted to change my character, including when the channel wanted to force it on me. ‘, he confessed

From now on, the French favorite real estate agent runs his image like a business. ” It’s good for the profession ”, admits the competitor. But the support stops there, because in 2015 Stéphane Plaza made its capital profitable by creating its own real estate network in this highly competitive market.

He succeeded in persuading M6 to invest in a structure he created with Patrick Michel Gieder de Luzini (current president) and Bernard de Kremer, who died in 2019, both former founders of Laforêt Immobilier brutally ousted by the network’s new owners. ” They had already led Grid, the dangers of leaving saved me Recognize Stephen Plaza.

In the top five in the profession

The Nicolas de Tavernost Group mobilizes 2.1 million euros and holds 49% of the capital, professionals in the sector, 800,000 euros and 25.5% of the capital. As for Stefan Plaza, he brought … his name and photo worth 800 thousand euros for 25.5% of the capital. ” I still have to withdraw cash to set up my first agency, on the eleventhAnd Paris district Today, it is his favorite brand, which he greets us in when we ask him for a date.

He kept two agencies for himself, those of XIAnd and XAnd Circle. Popular neighborhoods in the capital. It is no accident. For the rest, he allowed the network to expand. Today, it has 650 agencies across France. “We are aiming for 800 in 2023”Says the happy boss. Stéphane Plaza Immobilier rose in record time, in the top five in the profession in France behind Orpi, Century 21, Laforêt Immobilier and Foncia.

Stéphane Plaza, a new generation real estate agent, was photographed at his favorite agency in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.© Audoin DESFORGES for Les Echos Week-End

At the beginning of the year, M6 increased to 51% of the capital, thanks to the acquisition of an additional 2% for 2.5 million euros. Patrick Michel Jaider de Luzini and the wife of Karimia, who inherited his shares, fell to 23.5%. Stefan Plaza retained 25.5%. Stéphane Plaza France generated revenue of €16.5 million in 2021. An increase of 57% in one year. More than a success story.

To achieve this result, a man leaves nothing to chance. The franchise is subject to a radical selection upon entry. A specialized company that makes them pass the personality test, “The same US Marines”Desires to identify the founder. Roman Polly, his closest associate, former actor and real estate agent, is responsible for providing happy franchisees with theater training with role playing and role playing. ” It’s a matter of transmitting Grid’s DNA to them, making their value and success : Listen first. Nowadays we don’t listen enough to each other ‘ explains the host.


This is the growth rate of Stéphane Plaza France between 2020 and 2021.

To gain access to the network, the franchisee must have a personal contribution of 60 thousand euros, pay an entry fee of approximately 30 thousand euros and donate 8% of its turnover to work under the brand. But the game is worth it. ” A professional who joins the network increases his turnover by 40% in the first year”reassured Patrick Michel Khader for Les Echos in July 2021.

I took a real risk. I have my name on the agencies, it’s my face on the brochures, on the cover of the magazine created with Prisma, the slightest mistake I can pay in cash. So I check everything “, admits Stephen Plaza, a perfectionist. His face is his trademark and his name is his capital. Now about twenty people around him are working in one way or another to improve his image.” For senior presidents, I have someone prepare me papers for the news of the moment ‘ he explains very frankly.

And when you want to make an appointment with him, one of his three press officers (one for the network, one for the theater, and one for M6) asks if you’d come with a makeup artist for the pictures. Finally, her makeup artist is the one who comes on shoot, adjusts the messy hair into a wiser hairstyle and evens out dark circles. ” I play in the theater in the evening and during the day I don’t necessarily look good He justifies himself.

real estate triple icon

However, the hooligan still did not take himself seriously. ” I break the codes, but I respect the rules He says it in a well-thought-out form. Example: During confinement, it was not turned on. “I couldn’t see myself doing as if nothing had happened when the professionals in my network, all self-employed, couldn’t work. “But after a year, the host could no longer take it and posted on his Instagram account a shirtless photo of him addressing Emmanuel Wargon, Minister Plenipotentiary in charge of Housing to the Minister for Environmental Transition: Madam Secretary…if visits with buyers resume before 1Verse December, Take off the bottom. Seller net promise, what … he is writing.

Sensitive to humor – or to the media surface of the host – the Minister receives him at the beginning of 2021. After Stefan Plaza becomes completely serious again, he presents him with a study to try to facilitate file rental and “Rebuilding trust between tenants and landlords”. A way for the minister also to make people forget her exit from the “environmental, economic and social nonsense” of the single pavilion with the garden, which has been well received by more than two-thirds of French people, according to polls. The same model that Jerome Fourquet, Director of Opinion and Strategy at IFOP, described in his recent book “France Under Our Eyes,” as the Majorette Plaza life model, the model of our ideal society that has moved from the age of production to the age of consumption. As if behind the cathodic character, the animator became the symbol of this new age of adoration with a triptych: individual house – open kitchen with central island – garden with barbecue.

And now? Realizing that television will only have a short time, he seeks to perpetuate the network…even if it means slowly detaching it from its image. The logo now represents “Stéphane Plaza Immobilier”, and appears less frequently in advertising campaigns for customer development. Even if he is still very present. ” Talking about Stéphane Plaza allows you to establish a relationship of trust, and often to calm the situation when selling a property. ”, admits Sandra Rispal, director of the Orillac Agency (15). It’s fine art for a clown. ” I’m a white clown. I have flaws inside ‘ corrects Stephen Plaza more than two hours after the interview.

Stephane Plazza . grid

Number of privileges: 680 The concession contracts were signed at the end of April.

100 New franchisees per year.

390,000 Euros of average annual sales volume for franchisees who pay 8% of their sales.

more than 196 million euros in cumulative network turnover.

16.5 million in turnover for Stefan Plaza. France

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