Summer Harvest Festival in Nature in Termes-d’Armagnac August 2-6, 2022

summer harvest, Open Air Theater Festival created by Marie Delmaris and Jacques Grisaud in 2017 (Strange Attractors Company), Each summer you come to attend a variety of contemporary shows and take the opportunity to meet actors and authors and exchange ideas with other theater lovers.

The stage is a 300-seat open-air theater built from pallets in the middle of the woods, accompanied by a kind of large hard yurt where you can have a drink and/or eat. flagged from Tower conditions.

Marie Delmaris and Jacques Grisaud present works by Marie Delmaris and other authors. Funny and animated pieces. Many guest companies also come to perform during these five days. This year, it will be from Tuesday 2 August to Saturday 6 August.

Festival spirit

Organizers define the spirit of the festival as: “Send. Question. Share. Words. Moments. Emotions. Win hearts and minds. Cultivate curiosity. Discover current writings. An invitation to think without cultural and artistic biases.”

exotic attractants Presenting the problems of our time and the forgotten crowds of the media and theater. Often by presenting stories that at first glance seem unimportant, but lead to core themes. Note that the performances combine contemporary theatre, song, storytelling, and dance.

This year’s theme is: And now? Wars, climate change, covid, elections. Marie Delmaris and Jacques Grisaud believe that these crises make it absolutely essential that we come together to share our ideas and courageously build an attractive future.

program (1)

From August 2 to 6, there are shows daily, at 6 pm and 9 pm.

You can come to the site from 4 pm. To have a drink, participate (or not) in discussions about performances, exchange ideas with artists, sign books and posters, get a massage, walk in the forest, etc. The discussions will take place every day at 4pm in a fun way. In the shows watched the day before: on the topics covered and those that will come naturally.


“Big Flow” (Photo courtesy of exotic attractants)

Tuesday August 2 at 6 pm: big flow by the company Ease of access ; Festive, family and comical, very quiet, but it will make noise! »; A light piece led to a drumbeat by three cheerful musicians…

“My Valley, crazy stuff!” (Photo:

Tuesday August 2 at 9 pm: My valley is a crazy thing Written by Ledgy Diallo, whose glowing guitar and warm voice tell the story of a young Malian man who fled the suburbs to settle in the Pyrenees he adored…

“What are the costs” (photo exotic attractants)

Wednesday August 3 at 6 pm: How much does it cost by Marie Delmaris (strange attractions): The profession of caregivers and their relationship to morals, illness, old age, death, and their relationship to patients; Everything comes from testimonials collected by Marie Delmaris.

“War of words” (photo theatrical work)

Wednesday August 3 at 9 pm: war of words by Kai Hensel theatrical work The words of a German language teacher. refuses to give another point to a student; This person forfeits the VAT and commits suicide; The class and the teacher are in an all-out war until…

“System D” (pictured Gestalal Company – Sabine Samba)

Thursday August 4 at 6 pm: system d By dancer and choreographer Sabine Samba (Gestoral Corporation); “The dance of urban expression is in turmoil”; I immersed myself in “other movement cultures as diverse as salsa and jazz, modern dance and different approaches to contemporary expression.

“Motivation” (photo The result we want)

Thursday, August 4 at 9 pm: Stimulate by the company the result we desire; It’s a humorous solo: Alice works for an educational and career consulting agency; You must dress up as a white rabbit, the company’s mascot. Suddenly she asks herself: Why do she spend two-thirds of her life at work? Find new motivations and something to laugh about…

“School phobia” (Image courtesy of exotic attractants)

Friday, August 5 at 6 p.m.: school phobia Marie de Beaumont herself and Oude le Pape; A woman narrates her “school” life – the one she lives with her five children who go to school: a well-ordered life, everyone is happy, but a grain of sand remains…

“Deep France” (photo credited by exotic attractants)

Friday, August 5 at 9 pm: deep France by big mode What is deep in this country, what connections do we have with the land, what is at stake in a piece of agricultural land today in France? Opinions differ, hence the differences…

“Match” (Image provided by exotic attractants)

Saturday August 6 at 6 pm: match ! by Shakespeare’s Sister Company ; Love in the Digital Age, a story of two units: a single woman always remembers her lonely past, while her friends are in a relationship and they have children; I subscribed to dating sites…

“Sisters” (Image courtesy of exotic attractants)

Saturday August 6 at 9 pm: sisters by exotic attractants feminine saying, the freedom to be yourself, in songs, in stories and with humor; Facing “the questions and resentments that go through a woman’s life…”


Ticket prices

  • 6pm show: €10, €8 (reduced rate and rate for children under 13),

  • 9 pm: 15 euros, 12 euros (for students and job seekers) and 8 euros (children under 13),

  • Daily pass: 20€, 18€ and 12€,

  • Festival ticket: €80, €72, €48.

Tickets are available on the website (

You can also purchase tickets on site before the performance.

Catering to rolling (Fresh produce, meat and/or vegetarian dishes).

(1) See also the website (

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