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To deal with the supply difficulties associated with the war in Ukraine, professionals can, under certain conditions and on a temporary basis, modify the composition and recipes of their recipes without printing new packaging. Would you like to receive information about products whose recipe has been modified? We explain how to do it.

The production of some foodstuffs was affected by the war in Ukraine. In the face of these Display difficultiesProfessionals may have to Replace one component with another (rapeseed oil instead of sunflower oil for example) without being able to immediately adjust the composition on the package, explains the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

If they find themselves in this situation, the operators You should seek permission from the Department of Competition, Consumers and Fraud Preventionto market products whose recipe has been modified.

They should also prepare consumer information that adapts to ingredient substitution. Each application is studied on a case-by-case basis and No deduction is granted automatically. These exceptions are temporary, limited to a Maximum six months.

How is information given to consumers?

Substitution or addition of an ingredient that may cause a Consumer risk must always be subject to Live, visible and readable information on the label. This is the reason for adding a file allergens and/or from Algolten It should be indicated by Visible and readable method.

You can therefore be informed of the presence of an allergen or gluten by referring to the product packaging. This should be indicated by specific occasionon me in front of the product or at Close to the ingredient list.

How did you identify a product that was the subject of opt-out?

Products that got an exception are selectable, depending on the situation:

  • By placing a clear and visual indication of the modification directly on the label (label) at the front of the product or near the ingredient list
  • Or by noting this modification near Minimum Durability Date (MDD) or the Date of Use (DLC) Which should be drawn up no later than June 26, 2022 by professionals. This indicator may take the form of Mentionsed “ derog ” in the same place.

Organic Palm Oil, Genetically Modified…

for the purpose of Maintain transparency towards the consumerProducts that have a GMO-derived ingredient added or that exhibit one of the following environmental claims, which will no longer be respected due to a change in recipe: “Without Palm Oil”, “Without GMOs”, “Nutrition without GMOs” genetically “,” from organic farming “, will be the subject of explicit information on their labels.

Where do you find information?

For information on these prescription changes, you can refer to the search engine created by the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF). This site lists, in a comprehensive manner, the list of products that have received a labeling waiver. You can also search for a specific product by entering one of the following information:

  • The eight or thirteen digits below the barcode
  • her brand
  • Its category (eg dairy, grain or meat products).

Thus, you will be informed of the new composition of your product through a consultation Section “The nature of transformation” Which could indicate, for example: “Replace sunflower oil with rapeseed oil”.

In addition, to ensure optimal consumer information, An offer is also being prepared in the store In the sections concerned with exceptions as well as at the entrance and at the exit to obtain the correct information for consumers. E-commerce sites will also inform consumers of each relevant reference.

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