The mobile money boom: North and South Africa are still lagging behind, and here are the reasons

#The Kingdom of Morocco Africa has monopolized 70% of the world’s mobile financial transactions, estimated at more than $1,000 billion. This volume is driven by West and East Africa, while North and South are still far behind. details. Africa is the world’s leading player in mobile financial services, making a strong contribution to the financial … Read more

E-commerce: Crédit Agricole du Maroc is the first bank in Africa to launch a card digitization service

Yesterday, Monday 9 May 2022, Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM) signed a long-term strategic partnership with Mastercard to introduce new technologies, new products and services to the Moroccan market to make everyday transactions easy, transparent and secure. Bank Al-Maghrib (CAM) announced in a press release that it has signed a long-term strategic partnership with Mastercard … Read more

The illegal trade in drinking water, a profitable business in Zimbabwe

A / Harare (Zimbabwe) / Jeffrey Moyo Denis Dandareau, 39, was a farmer until recently, plowing the land for his agricultural crop. But he now has a well in the same field near his residence in Bloomingdale’s in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, where he sells water, which he says is more profitable. Drinking water was once … Read more

Applications open for the 2022 edition of the competition

The Africa Business Champions Competition, one of the Jack Ma Foundation’s flagship philanthropic programs that showcases and celebrates African entrepreneurial talent, announced today that submissions are now open for its fourth annual edition. Entrepreneurs from all 54 African countries, regardless of industry, age or gender, can now apply in English or French, for a chance … Read more