Carbon Footprint Tracker for Digital Identification

During a live broadcast session from Davos, titled “Strategic Foresight: Responsible Consumption,” Michael Evans, Chairman of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., said the company is working on an app to track consumers’ carbon footprint. ” We are developing, through technology, a functionality that allows consumers to measure their carbon footprint. What does it mean ? It’s … Read more

Oxfam report: As millions face starvation, profits of agribusiness giants soar

Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from unprecedented inflation and shortages in food prices, and face starvation. But the giant corporations that dominate food production and distribution are making money like never before. Malnourished children wait for treatment in the pediatric ward of Pulmyogo Hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso [AP Photo/Sophie Garcia] … Read more